Blinded by the Right

A recent Facebook post by a friend of mine, and the ensuing dialog with her liberal friends, are a crystal clear illustration of the most significant characteristics of the American left. In her post, this lady, who is suffering from advanced breast cancer, expresses outrage at the recent decision of the U.S. Preventative Services task force raising the age for mammograms to 50. She is so outraged that she made the entire posting upper case. An experienced writer, this indicates the depth of her revulsion for the decision.

She and her liberal friends begin to flog, deservedly so, this idiotic action, which could put millions of women in harm’s way. As the dialog unfolded, one of the participants came to the conclusion that this proved why we needed to reform the health care system and pass Obamacare.

This jaw-dropping conclusion was quickly agreed to by all those engaged in this dialog.

To most of us it is clear that this kind of bureaucratic meddling, resulting in the rationing of essential preventive health care is a flash forward to what we can expect with a government take over of the health care system. Decisions about individual health care will be taken out of the hands of doctors and patients, and relegated to rigid government rules based on economic concerns.

This dialog on Facebook also illustrates what is one of the most distinguishing characteristics of today’s American liberal, the ability to completely deny the obvious. It is a classic case of ignoring the elephant in the room.

How is the left able to pull off this incredible act of denial?

Part of the answer lies in the vilification process the left uses to advance their agenda. If they can hang a label of “evil” on the opposition, they can justify seemingly illogical conclusions by destroying the credibility of the opposition. This is why the left spends so much time attacking the people who oppose them instead of the ideas they oppose. It is much more efficient to undermine Sarah Palin, say, than it to try and counter each of her opinions individually. It avoids the need to have any meaningful dialog on the issues themselves.

Just look at the health care debate. What do you hear Democrats say when Republicans question whether it is affordable? They talk about the obscene profits earned by health insurance companies, leaving the question of affordability untouched.

This explains how Democrats and leftists can vote to pass bills they do not even read. All they need to know is that the right opposes a particular bill, and they can justify passing it. No debate is necessary.

Doubt that this is true? Go read a few of the left wing web sites, like Daily Kos and Huffington Post. You will see that they are clearly blinded to issue by hatred of those on the right.