Joyce Elliott shows the usual grace and poise of a Liberal Democrat who has lost an elections.......that is to say she shows absolutely none.

Joyce Elliott, is a Democratic State Senator here in Arkansas as was running for the 2nd Congressional district against Republican Tim Griffin, a race that she thankfully lost and lost by a 20 point margin. That 20 points pretty much didn’t change from the time the polls closed until coverage stopped late that evening.

It is now 3 days after the election and all the results are in and that 20 points remains the difference and as of the time of this writing she has not conceded the race, not congratulated her opponent, not updated her facebook page, nor has she released a statement that I can find.

As a matter of fact the only reports that can be found for Joyce Elliott are the things that the local ABC news affiliate said was her concession speech, http://www.todaysthv.com/video/default.aspx?aid=111319#/Joyce+Elliott+concession+speech/658311167001 (I am writing the program manager to ask for a retraction of this being her concession speech), which happened at 10:13 PM, in which she clearly says “we are waiting for the numbers to come in.” (Time mark 00:06), “I am not here to make any news I am sorry to tell you.” (Time mark 00:16), talking about her family that was absent that evening who she told to “save their money for Washington DC” (Time mark 01:52), and “At some point we are gonna know what is happening, but right now I don’t know what to tell you.” (Time mark 2:30). It was 10:13 PM the numbers where crystal clear by that point.

The morning after the election I was listening to the local conservative radio station on my way to work and Congressman Elect Tim Griffin was on and he confirmed that Senator Elliott had not conceded the race nor had she contacted him.

Typical of a Democratic Liberal, when they win they like you rub your face in it, but when they lose they stomp away in a huff to pout. I wonder if they will ever figure out that this kind of behavior is what helps them lose elections.

To Senator Elliott: Break from the mold and show some class.

P.S. Something I left out is that there is one report that later after her non-concession speech Senator Elliott could be heard mumbling “I have nothing to say about the election because there is nothing to say.” ……..I WANT MY BLANKIE!!!! (Ok the part with the blankie was me, but you get the point.

P.S.S. Congratulations Congressman Elect Griffin!