Cities Are Flickering Out Like Dead Light Bulbs

Imagine Bush was still president.

Stockton CA files for bankruptcy.

Mammoth Lakes files for bankruptcy.

San Bernardino files for bankruptcy.

Scranton cuts all city workers to minimum wage.

All within a month. What would our papers look like. What would dominate the headlines? Isn’t it true that CNN would start a special airing at 10pm every week night called “American Crisis”?

Well, that just happened, but Obama was president. The drip, drip, drip of municipal bankruptcies, like Harrisburg or Vallejo has become a torrent of one per week. How is it possible that this is not major news, or indeed the top news story? The lights are going out in this country, and the fourth estate that is supposed to report this sort of thing is more interested in announcing the big news that President Obama wants the rich to pay more. Is there any one, under any rock that doesn’t already know that?