I Hope So?

What schooled, professional, political adviser could actually suggest to a sitting president that his best way forward, his political feast, should consist of blaming his predecessor?

I know. All of them do, at least for a while, as they get their feet wet, and step away from the policies they ran against, but no one has ever run on that excuse for re-election some three and a half years after they took the reigns. No one has ever done that after two years of a filibuster proof majorities in their own party. No one has ever done that in the third year of a “recovery”.

How could “the smartest guy to ever live in the White House” think that blaming the last guy will satisfy our appetite for leadership?

Well… Maybe that is all he’s got. The jobs that have been created are less than the growth in population. The new graduates that see the world from the perspective of their parents basement may not believe the “private sector is doing fine.” The citizens of Detroit may not think that government has all the answers as they abandon their house, pack the U-Haul and move to Texas.

It might be a hard sell to tell Americans that in one short three and a half year period, Obama has added $15,000 of debt onto the backs of every American man, woman and child, but heck, they will never even notice it. Harder still to sell a four billion dollar tax as the answer to a thirteen hundred billion dollar hole.

Yep! You have to be pretty drunk before that kind of math makes sense, so they are left with blaming the other guy, and hoping. Isn’t that what Mika Brzezinski said? When asked if blaming Bush will still work, neutral journalist Mika said “I hope so.” So few successful strategies are based on hope alone. The Obama folks think this one isn’t either. It seems that a great deal of Americans are sympathetic on the whole Bush did it deal. Ok, but didn’t they vote for this guy to fix it? Didn’t Obama himself say that if he couldn’t get it done in three years this would be a one term deal? Even if Bush did do it, doesn’t it say something about your leadership that you couldn’t turn things around, even with your side in complete control for two of the three years?

Ok, well, Obama is fond of food metaphors so let’s try this one. Its like you go to make dinner and open up the refrigerator only to find empty shelves, except a three year old jar of Vlasic pickles and a couple of Heinz ketchup packets, then Obama blames Bush for having eaten all the food three years ago and leaving him with the empty shelves. While you and I might wonder why he hasn’t gone to the store in three years, he prepares the pickles and ketchup and tells you that it is a feast fit for kings.

I dunno. I think I’ll go to bed hungry.

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