A Question of Trust

Obama’s campaign has decided that the election will hinge on whom we will trust more.

Whom will we trust more?!? Are they seriously going to go with that???

Let’s see… The Excuse Maker in chief told us just yesterday that all this overspending is Bush’s fault! He really did. He said that Bush baked all this spending in. Poor Obama didn’t realize that since he took over there has not been a year where the deficit was lower than one point two trillion dollars, but in Bush’s baked in numbers the deficit never exceeded four hundred and fifty billion, and that was still too high! Who are we going to trust? Three years after Bush left office Obama is still not responsible and he wants us to trust him?

Just yesterday, yes, the same yesterday as above, Obama told another crowd that it was all Europe’s fault. Yep! He really did. It seems that Bush was not the bad guy at all, or that Obama has a bad case of Attention Deficit Disorder. The president of   United States for over three years wants us to believe that he is to be held harmless for the consequences of his policies, and that he can be trusted to eventually get to doing his job!!!

In the past, he has blamed the thirty year old invention of the ATM, the Tsunami in Japan, and yes, even the minor, no death tremor in Richmond Virginia in the conspiracy to ruin his presidency. C’mon guys. Is that worthy of any trust at all?

Ok, Obama is young. He may not remember all the way back to the late 1990’s when there was an Asian crisis that destroyed the economies of South Korea and Indonesia. A year later we were bombarded with the meltdown of the Russian economy. Back then excuses did not substitute for good policy. Back then our economy grew anyway and we balanced our budget. Trust? Trust what?

If Obama wants our trust, he should do the job. Where is the budget that the constitution requires? Obama had two years with veto proof Democrat majorities in both houses, but never produced a budget! That is like hiring a painter who never gets around to painting the house. No I don’t trust this guy.

Seriously, does anyone out there really think that the guy who saved the summer Olympics or saved eighty percent of the distressed companies he bought, or balanced the budget in Massachusetts will not get a budget passed if he is president? Does anyone out there really think that our economy should be so weak that any bad news from anywhere in the world will tip the economy?

Trust? This coming from the gang that promised to run their campaign from public funds, until it was more convenient to break that promise? This coming from the gang that said they would halve the deficit by the end of their first term? This coming from the gang that told us if we gave them what they wanted (we did) they would promise unemployment would never go above eight percent when in fact it has never been below that number.

Like the editor of Pravda, Obama has redefined payoffs to unions as “investments”, hoping that we do not realize that “investments” are supposed to have returns. He has called hiring lobbyists “politics of the past”, then hired lobbyists.

Trust? Yeah. I trust that if we elect him again, we will have four more years of prevarications, excuses and demonizations.

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