10 Things About Perry That Will Make Liberals Foam at the Mouth

I was speaking to my liberal friend yesterday, and as I was describing Rick Perry, I warned her that he did not have a single redeeming quality that a liberal could get behind. Indeed, I think that Rick is the absolute antithesis of our current president. I thought that just ten differences would highlight the comparison, but in fact everywhere I looked, Perry was the polar opposite of Obama. It became an editing job to winnow the differences down to the ten things that will really make liberals foam at the mouth.


1)      Perry is an Evangelical. Oh my GOD!

Liberals believe that there is no room for leaders that also put God in their hearts. Oh, sure, they accept the occasional photo op in or near a church, in order to get votes, but the road to “progression” leads through secularism. An exotic religion, such as Black Liberation Theology is acceptable, but only because it champions Marxism as God’s calling. Liberals believe that we have moved past saying “God bless the USA” and will deride any leader who can attract 30 thousand people to have a day of prayer for our country. It wasn’t so long ago, that the president had one such day annually. In fact, that happened with every president until Obama relegated it to the scrap yard of history.

Now the Liberals really believe that Rick Perry thinks the Earth is only 5000 years old. They believe that he will replace logical thought with “voices from God”. They are calling him a televangelist. Oh and yes, they are foaming at the mouth about it.


2)      Rick Perry is anti – big government.

When Rick announced his presidential bid, he promised “I’ll work every day to try to make Washington, D.C., as inconsequential in your life as I can.” This was the equivalent of promising to burn down the Cathedral of Progressivism. Liberals believe that it is the government’s role to regulate and referee everything. Liberals see the government as a parental body, that will exchange allowances for chores done, and tell us when to buckle our seat belts, and make sure that we have enough to eat and that our roof doesn’t leak.

During the 2008 election, Obama rarely spoke without saying “Only the government can…” because as a true liberal, he does not believe in the power of the individual, or the capacity of humans to figure out what’s best for ourselves.  Liberals believe that most Americans are stupid, Bill Maher, Jon Stewart and Michael Moore have all waxed poetic on the subject.

If we are but children, who need government to feed us, clothe us and shelter us, how could anyone dare to make that government inconsequential? Foam is all over the place.


3)      Rick Perry is a Global Warming Denier.

To Liberals Man made Global Warming is a fact. It’s settled science. Anyone who would even question that is strange, weird and not worthy of serious attention.  In a recent interview on the Daily Caller, Al Gore explained that skeptics were much the same as Bull Connor (the Democrat) turning the hoses on Black people. He went on to explain that if you were to take on the deniers, you would need to win the conversation with passion and conviction but failed to say that the argument needed to be won on facts.

That is because the facts are not with him. A quick read of the book WATERMELONS would show why passion and conviction are all the warmists have left.

Rick Perry plays the part of the little boy exclaiming that the king has no clothes on here. He is unapologetically blunt. He is not afraid to point out that we are being swindled. He is destroying the best platform Liberals have used to get to “Eco-equality” as Van Jones would say. That has really got the left lathered up.


4)      Rick Perry believes in Capital Punishment.

Liberals are certain that capital punishment is outmoded, as is much of the constitution, and that we are a savage country, unless we do away with it completely. They will tell you that the very unenlightened Rick Perry put an innocent man to death.

Cameron Todd Willingham was put to death in Texas. It is true the Rick Perry did not stop the execution. It is also true that the Supreme court did not stop the execution, nor did any other court in Texas. It is true that there was a new theory that concluded Cameron possibly may not have set the fire that killed his wife and children, but the courts that looked at this theory found it wanting and did not stop the execution.

Rick Perry was guilty of not substituting the judgment of Liberal pundits for the judgment of the trial court, and all the appeals courts and Supreme Court after that. Naturally that makes your average Liberal foment at the mouth.


5)      Rick Perry has good looks. Really.

This is a problem. You see a good looking candidate will attract many voters, so the Liberal punditry has already started foaming at the mount about this.  Phillip Hester says “All policy aside, Rick Perry looks like the evil President in every movie or comic book ever.” Others have called him a fake president, or the evil guy that always gets beaten up. He’s been called Dorian Tyrell from “The Mask”. The Atlantic said his success is because he doesn’t look like him. I’m sorry, but they are just trying too hard, and foaming at the mouth.

6)      Rick Perry has a gun. And he used it. And he killed a poor defenseless coyote.

Yep! It was about a year ago. Rick was jogging with his dog, and he was packing. A coyote came up and started to harass Rick’s dog. One shot. One kill, and the dog was saved.

We never hear about the times that a gun saved a life. To a Liberal that is kind of counter-intuitive. If there were more stories like that getting out, it would be a whole lot harder to ban guns in the first place. Here let me wipe up some of that spittle coming from the corner of your mouth.


7)      Rick Perry is a Capitalist.

Liberals do not believe in capitalism. That may sound farfetched. They certainly believe in “eco-capitalism” (Van Jones) or “Managed Capitalism” (China) but in fact these are not forms of capitalism. They are government controlled economies with some capitalist window dressing. Back in the old days, we used to call it socialism. Rick Perry’s capitalism will have both winners and losers. The government would not provide the seed money and it would not bail out the recipients. Poorly run companies would actually go out of business, and their successful parts would be sold to more successful companies. Liberals cannot abide by a system where people might lose out, but a system where someone might get rich makes them positively froth at the mouth.


8)      Rick Perry called Social Security a Ponzi scheme.

Well… It is. The whole idea of Social Security is that you take from an ever expanding base to give to the somewhat narrower top of the pyramid. In true Ponzi fashion, nothing is produced from this, but it can keep going, indefinitely, until the base stops growing. With the baby boom now going into retirement and with retirement lasting so much longer than first intended, that base has indeed stopped growing.

Now Rick never said that he will discontinue Social Security. He never said that he will break the promises already made to the American People, but can you fault him for holding something up and telling you what it actually is? That kind of honesty is way overdue in American politics, but it makes Liberals, wedded to their Orwellian New Speak,  positively rabid.


9)      Rick Perry is Anti-Tort lawyer.

Rick Perry was instrumental in getting tort reform passed in Texas. They have limits on damages and they have “loser pays” laws to reduce frivolous lawsuits. Liberals consider this an affront to their sensibilities. In Texas it is so much harder to file the kind of nuisance suits that makes doing business in the rest of America so hard, that health care is moving there in droves, creating 40 thousand jobs in the last year alone.

Liberals have worked hard to create system where a class action law suit can bring fortunes to the lawyers and make companies beg for mercy. It should surprise no one that lawyers all over the country are raising money now to keep their lucrative franchise open. Imagine what would happen if we benefitted from real tort reform throughout the country. Well, it makes the Liberals foam for sure.


10)  Rick Perry is a Texan.

This may be his single largest sin. He swaggers. He is cock-sure of himself. He tells it like it is, but he does it in an accent from Paint Creek. He speaks slowly. He graduated from Texas A&M. He reminds the Liberals of Bush. Liberals are fond of saying that America is not ready for another man from Texas. The truth is Liberals are not ready for another man from Texas. He does not play the victim card. He is not citified. He didn’t go to Yale or Harvard. He called Washington DC a cesspool. He might wear cowboy boots to a Georgetown Party.

Heck, other than create more jobs that the rest of the country combined, keep taxes low, reduce the footprint of government on the back of Texans, and manage a state that has attracted America’s industrial Diaspora, what has this yahoo done?

It kind of makes you foam at the mouth.