A Bunch of Weird, Extremist Whackadoos

I am seeing it all over the place now. The Tea Party is Extremist. Perry is weird, Bachmann is a weird extremist. The Republican Party is held hostage by inflexible, bible thumping whackadoos.

We are in virgin territory here! We have tax payers that do not want to pay off small, out of the way airports for flights that never happen. We have politicians that discovered, with Casablanca like shock and dismay, the government hid hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars in a 2400 page healthcare bill and we have citizens that feel a mandatory government installed GPS in your car denies the very meaning of Freedom. How dare these people complain?

Go figure.

Yesterday, our president, who started every 2008 campaign speech with “Only the government can…” implored his followers to call their GOP representatives and get them to compromise. Last week, his sycophants spread out on the talk shows and called the bond downgrade the “Tea Party Downgrade”, hoping we wouldn’t notice the coordination of the effort or the Pravda-like way it inverted the facts rather than reflect them.

Well… I have more faith in the American people than that. It is not extremist to understand that you cannot spend more than you have Ad infinitum. Any person who has had to do a household budget understands that. Funny thing is, almost all of us know someone who has not figured that out. He is a charmer. He lives on your couch, dodges the debt collectors, and has borrowed from everyone he has ever shaken hands with, and in the real world he is the guy we never put in charge of the household economy.

The American people know, they just know, that they cannot spend themselves rich. Imagine your significant other coming home one evening and saying, “Honey, I just lost my job. Let’s go out and buy a new Escalade to make up for the lost income!” Weird? Extremist? A candidate for a visit to Shady Pines? Yet, this government, this president, wants us to believe exactly that. He is the grown-up in the room, and all of us who are telling him that spending money you don’t have is foolish are supposed to be the whackadoos.

They try to tell us that we cannot be competitive in the 21st century with low tax rates. Really. They do. Its as if they strung a bunch of random words together and hope we synthesize the meaning from them ourselves.

For my misguided friends on the left, being competitive in business means creating better with less. If you have high taxes, high energy costs, high labor costs and a high barrier to entry, you are not competitive. Period. It’s not a question of fair or unfair, good vs. evil. It’s simple. An uncompetitive environment chases away business or drives it to bankruptcy. To believe otherwise is weird, extremist and whackadoo.

The taxpayers and the Tea party in America demand low taxes and low regulations because that creates a competitive environment. That’s not weird. That’s a jobs program.

Now this president is covering himself in the mantle of President Bush. Yesterday, in Iowa when he was told by an Iowa voter that they stood for a balanced budget, he retorted “Where were you in the Bush years.” That is an argument from the only grown up in the room? Most Americans did not like Bush’s deficits either. In fact, most Democrats, including this president, voted against them. Those deficits were 450 billion dollars, less than a third of the 1,600 billion dollar deficits that Obama is running each year.

How weird is it that those deficits concern us? How extremist are we to want an end to them? Because we do not want our children and our children’s children to be saddled with this expense are we the whackadoos?

I don’t think so. I know that government is a poor investor of money, because a politician is not responsible for an economic return. Over the last two year’s I watched the federal government spend 41 million dollars of YOUR tax money as they rebuilt the train platforms in my home village of Ridgewood, New Jersey. There was nothing wrong with the old platforms. It is not an Amtrak stop. It is a commuter railway station. Not a single dollar of additional output or services will be created by the project. Sure we have a nice and shiny new platform, but it wasn’t necessary. As an “investment” it will have no real return. Worse still, the president complained yesterday that 72 billion dollars worth of repairs need to be done to the nation’s bridges. I’ll bet they could have used that 41 million “invested” on the station platforms.

Only a whackadoo would spend money he didn’t have on this project. Only an extremist would tell the American people that “unemployment benefits are creating jobs faster than practically any other program.” like Nancy Pelosi did. Only a weird person would announce ” There is no chance that the U.S. will lose its top credit rating” mere days before it actually happens, like Tim Geitner did.

No less an expert on propaganda than Herman Gobbels bragged that if you tell a lie often enough, it starts to be believed. Don’t let this happen. Sure I’ll compromise. I understand we cannot do everything at once. But I will not tell my whackadoo and jobless significant other that we can’t afford the Escalade, so why not just get a new Suburban instead. That’s not compromise. That’s weird. That’s extremist.