An Open Letter to Rick Perry

Dear Mr. Perry,

Thank you for joining the race for president. Your country needs you. Also thank you for announcing at Red State.

That said, you will quickly feel like you have walked under a bucket of Bat Guano.

In the day or so that you have announced I have already heard that The Texas Miracle is no miracle at all. Although Texas has done well, you had nothing to do with it.  I heard Texas is only doing well because its an energy state. My personal favorite: Texas is only doing well because housing is cheap there and so is the cost of living!

I understand that you got a “C” in goat husbandry. I heard that you were a Democrat, once. I heard that you were too right for the Republican party and too left for the Tea party. I heard that you were a televangelist!

Perhaps the most telling blow of all, America is not ready for another Governor from Texas.

Mr. Perry, it is time to refute all of this.

The Texas miracle is no miracle at all. It is merely the understanding that if you leave people alone they will tend to create their own prosperity. In Texas the legislature meets every two years. For most of the time it doesn’t do anything. Nothing at all.

Business owners have the kind of stability that allows them to invest and gives them the time to have that investment pay off. Simply put, Texas rewards prudent risk.

Yes, housing costs in Texas are certainly cheaper that they are in the Northeast, but people do not move if they have no way to pay for it. So, Mr. Perry, before there were houses there were jobs. Jobs were created in Texas by GM when they just spent 331 million dollars to renew the plant in Arlington.

New innovative businesses like Carter Aviation, are designing an altogether new kind of  aircraft, and they are based in Texas.

Heathcare has decided to base itself in Texas due to the strict laws against frivolous suits.

Oh, and yes, there is Oil, Black Gold, Texas tea. Oil in Texas has contributed 13% of all the jobs Texas has added in the last year.  Great, but that still leave 87% of the jobs that were added in the non-oil sectors of the economy. Ya know, its funny, because our misinformed friends on the left fringe of American politics never seem to comprehend the scale of anything. 13% will never equal 100% just like all the money of “millionaires and billionaires” will never equal the amount of money that they are borrowing.

Texas is not alone in having an Oil sector. California does too, but it hasn’t kept them from having the highest taxes in the country or energy costs that are 50% higher than elsewhere.

New Jersey has oil off its coast, but it has chosen not to exploit it. Florida has oil off its coast and Obama withdrew the leases that were going to let that oil contribute to the Florida economy. North Dakota has shale oil, but this government won’t let them get at it. Texas could have gone that way too. You could have stopped oil production in the state to pay homage to the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard, but frankly that is stupid, so it didn’t happen. The government did not meddle, like an overbearing mother-in-law, in the act of creating prosperity.

No, Mr. Perry, Texas works because it gets out of your way.  Carl’s Jr. moved its headquarters to Texas because it takes up to two years to break ground a restaurant in California, but only six weeks in Texas. The people came from Detroit, and St Louis and Chicago because you were offering them something they could not find at home; a job.

This election will be fought on the economy, but that will not stop the left from trying to distract the voters with your “weird” love of God. Well, Mr. Perry, there was a time, not too long ago, when every president had an annual day of prayer. In fact only Obama has not done that. There was a time when the Marxist teachings of Black Liberation Theology were considered the lunatic fringe and antithetical to everything we stood for in America. There was a time when we asked God to bless this country, not damn it. and we never apologized for our success.

You have the left worried. Really. A governor is an executive who must be practiced in the art of the deal, or nothing would happen. (Like in DC right now) They know that your record will be over the same time frame as Obama’s record. They know that you are the longest serving governor in the US and they know that you are the only Texas Governor to be elected three times in the state. That is not an accident. That is not lucky and that does not happen if you are unable to represent all of the people. If the worst that can be said of you is that you are the governor of Texas, well, you have my permission to gloat.

And Mr. Perry, don’t you worry about that “C” in goat husbandry, we haven’t had goats on the White House lawn for over a hundred years.



Gregory Stewart