Wisconsin is a Game Changer

The recall vote in Wisconsin deserves all of our attention. This is not a local event. This is a national event. Right now the national pro-labor forces are consolidating their power on six districts in Wisconsin. That means an army of pro-labor volunteers and a ton of pro-labor money, intent on buying or bullying there way to power. Why? Why here in this normally blue state? Why not in Ohio, or for that matter New Jersey, where Republican Chris Christie got the cooperation of Democrats in passing laws that will constrain labor a whole lot more than Wisconsin’s new laws? Why? Well, it’s really simple; without the immediate help of all of us, they will succeed in Wisconsin.

These local elections are usually very low turnout affairs. If labor can turn out their base, while the rest of us yawn through July 12th, The Democrats could turn out all of the six legislators up for recall. They have the money. They have the carefully tailored pitches going to the most loyal union supporters, They are campaigning as if this is life or death while the rest of us assume this is some local election.

If they succeed, they will have sent a warning shot across the bow of every state legislator in the country. This will have the effect of a wide pinstripe-suited, fedora-wearing thug visiting a candy store. They will promise an era of non-stop campaigning and recalls by the bushel until and unless their demands are met.

They will disrupt Indian, and Ohio. They will attack in New Jersey and New York. They will impose them selves in every state, with the threat of recalls just over the horizon for any recalcitrant legislator that needs to be whipped into compliance.

I have seen the articles that say Obama is a one term president, but a labor force with the kind of power that they aim to achieve in Wisconsin will be the strongest soldier in the field or Obama’s re-election.

We need to help. Here are the web sites of the six legislators up for recall. Write in support, but give them the money to turn back this onslaught.

State Sen. Robert Cowles


State Sen. Alberta Darling


State Sen. Shelia Harsdorf


State Sen. Randy Hopper


State Sen. Dan Kapanke


State Sen. Luther Olsen