Yes! Perry will be getting in!

I am no huge believer in coincidences, and we have the mass resignation of all the top Gingrich people from a campaign that was stuck on “cruise” control, at the same time that a Perry staffer leaked the Governor has decided to enter the 2012 race. Coincidence? I think not. Ron Johnson has already run Perry’s successful gubernatorial campaigns, and Dave Carney comes from his camp as well. Also, call me crazy, but normally, most sane people don’t quit a job, unless they have another waiting on the side lines.

As head of the Republican Governors Association, Perry has ready access to the shakers and movers that can fund a presidential campaign, and in the New York Times today, it was announced that Perry would be visiting New York City and LA. Funny, what could a conservative Republican find in those two cities? Oh, I know: Funding.

So, yes, Perry is getting in.

He will be able to compare his job growth program with Obama’s job growth program. He will be able to compare his low taxes to Obama’s high taxes. He will be able to compare his twelve years of executive experience to Obama’s years as a community rabble rouser … Opps !, I mean Community organizer.

Just look at the census folks. Texas added four congressional seats! California added none. New York lost two. Illinois lost one. People go where prosperity lives. Let’s get behind Perry so that prosperity can live amongst all of us.