Rick Perry for President

Rumors have re-surfaced that Rick Perry is considering a run for President in 2012. Limbaugh announced that he would be the exciting candidate.

Well… I  hope so, but as Yogi Berra might say, “Its getting late early.”

Rick’s campaign manager, Rob Johnson was already snapped up by Newt, and presumably is hard at work extracting Newt’s foot from his mouth.

This early part of the campaign is not only about developing name recognition, but its about recruiting the best soldiers you can find to put on the field of battle, and finding the pay masters that will underwrite your campaign.  Oh,… and yeah, its about doing interviews where you do not alienate all but four GOP congressmen running for re-election.

If Rick gets in Reeeal soooon…. He will win!

Rick is the only Governor who has ever won three terms in Texas. That says something. Politicians get toxic quick in Texas, and Rick has avoided that.

In an anti-Washington Era, Rick refused Washington’s $555 million that came with so many strings attached from the federal government. This made him a rock star with the Tea Party.

Perry is a terrific money machine, and that has made him a rock star with the Republican base.

Thanks to Perry’s policies, Texas is doing very well as a state. Its business is responsible for the biggest chunk of the nation’s economic growth. Texas is attracting workers. It added four congressional seats in the last census. Perry is not a young, naive, idealogue who is long on promises but short of accomplishments. He has accomplished much in an executive position of a major state.

Perry has seen how Cap and Trade would be a disaster for our economy and he is against it. 

Perry understands Obamacare could never work and he is against that as well.

Did I mention that Texas has no state income tax? None, Nada, Zip!

For a quick study in efficiency, look at how hurricane Katrina was handled by Kathleen Blanco, and then how Perry handled Hurricane Rita just a month later.

So here’s a guy who can do the job. Here’s a guy that can add private sector jobs, and by doing that raise the total of taxes collected, so we can start to reduce our deficits, but would he be able to take on the young firebrand who won the presidency with promises of hope and change and speeches in front of Greek columns, at packed football stadiums?

Yes! He can. Go on you tube. Listen to the guy. It turns out he is pretty charismatic.

The married nearly thirty years, never divorced, no kids out of wed-lock, disciplined Perry will be embarrassment free as well. He will not have to explain his affairs, three wives or sudden conversions to new Religions.

I hope he jumps in. Right now we need him. We really do.

What do you think?


DISCLAIMER: I am a resident of New Jersey, who works in NYC, I do not personally know Perry, I am not in the energy industry. I just think he has what it takes to win.