Its a matter of Strategy

Next year Obama plans to take his army of leftist supporters and his bank of one billion dollars around the nation to win a second term. His plan is nearly flawless.

On his side of the ledger, he can count on a compliant press, completely and with complicity invested in his presidency. He is the candidate that they created. He is the candidate representing their hopes and dreams. He is a candidate that they will protect with all their creative fervor.

He has big money. One glance at Trump’s donation list, and you quickly realize that we are becoming a crony-capitalist nation. The big companies will be sure to pay their tribute. Unions have realized that their over-sized place at the table is not guaranteed if Obama is not reelected, and they will fight as if it is a matter of life or death.

His opening gambit is to spark class warfare. He does not want this election to be about unemployment, cronyism, union overreach, international incompetence, and a suicidal energy policy. He wants this to be our team vs. their team. The many good guys against the few, rich, bad guys. All the more daring when those rich guys are actually footing the bill.

His second step is subtly racist. It proclaims that Blacks are with him, and Hispanics are with him, and gays are with him, and it infers that the Republican party is the last warped bastion of “angry white males” This is Alinsky‘s “isolate and ridicule” writ large.

It’s a pretty good plan. No one has ever run against a billion dollars before, and at the same time have had to speak through such an unfriendly mediator.

To counter this we will need a huge effort. and that effort needs to be educational. During the Obama presidency the middle class has suffered, but by far the greatest suffering has been at the expense of the very groups Obama purports to support. The poor and marginally employable have become the permanently unemployed. These people should not be supporting this president. He has brought them the tyranny of dependence. He has brought them bleak and ugly hopelessness. He has stopped the conveyor belt of upward mobility and left nearly half our nation dependent on handouts to stay alive.

In this election we will not need to convince middle class Americans that they cannot drive as much as they used to, that a pay check doesn’t cover what it used to, or that vacation time may not extend past the backyard patio. They know that. Instead we should go into the cities, and promise a real economic awakening.

Policies that drive energy prices high costs factory workers and truck drivers jobs.

Policies that increase labor costs drive labor intensive jobs overseas.

Policies that create jobs in Washington usually cost jobs outside of Washington. Bureaucracy adds to the barrier to entry for small business.

Policies that increase the price of infrastructure leave less money for new infrastructure and a grimy, crumbling world for the inner city to call home.

This cannot be what Blacks or Hispanics want for themselves or their children. The welfare state has been promising the end of this life for over 50 years, but they have not delivered. It is time we went into the cities that have learned to hate Republicans without even giving them a hearing, and demand we be heard. Sure we will be shouted down, and booed by organized protesters, but at least some will hear us, Common sense will create common cause and somewhere, our country will start to flourish.