Preserving the rights of dead people to vote

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In today’s New York Times, the Editorial staff decries laws asking for photo ID when registering or voting. It claims that there is no evidence of serious fraud at the polls on election day, so the only reason that photo ID should be required is because evil Machiavellian Republicans want to disenfranchise the poor and non-white populations that would be more likely to vote Democrat.

That would be the reason too, if it wasn’t for the ACORN scandal in Ohio, where thousands of ACORN operatives registered the likes of Donald Duck, and the Dallas Cowboys Cheer-leading squad, amongst others to jam the vetting system before a national election in an important swing state. I really think that it would have been hard to keep a straight face when presented with a driver’s license for Mickey Mouse.

It might also be the case, if we were never kept guessing when Mayor Daley held back the final count on Cook County’s vote throughout that November night in 1960, until the rest of Illinois was in, then handed in Chicago’s votes with just enough for Kennedy to win the state. Maybe the dead people who voted in Texas that year would have had a problem showing their photo IDs to the ballot watchers.

It may very well be the case that these new laws are specifically designed to make poor people stand in line, “giving up a day’s wages”, except we have seen some behavioral changes when the laws actually go into effect.

In 2002, South Dakota senate hopeful John Thune was leading in the vote count but six precincts, covering a large Indian reservation that usually report early did not report until everyone else was in. (Sound familiar Chicago?) Then as Byron York tells it “All six reported unprecedentedly massive votes for the Democratic candidate – so huge, in fact, that they sufficed to counterbalance Mr. Thune’s majority in the other 99.3% of the state.”

South Dakota changed their laws and everyone, including Indians needed to show ID to vote. The next time around Thune beat senate leader Tom Daschle.

It’s funny how we all need six points of identification to get behind a driver’s license, but the left wants us to believe that something as important as deciding the direction of our country should be done without even a modicum of oversight or an effort to make sure that the principal of one person, one vote is upheld.