Romney needs to take that last step

Although Romney looks presidential, and has executive experience, and has run for president before, he will always wear Romneycare around his neck like a millstone in a deep swimming pool. Yes, Yes, there is also that Mormon thing, but only the smallest percent of people will let that effect their voting, and besides, as he pointed out last time around, he was the only Republican running who had only been married once. No its Romneycare that will get all the attention. Obamacare has a familiar ring to those who live in Massachusetts, and the president has admitted publically that the bill was inspired by Romney’s statewide experiment.

Romney’s first instinct was to defend his bill. His second was to say that it was only appropriate because it was statewide and healthcare was a states’ rights issue. Neither of these arguments would gain any traction from a conservative electorate that will make the repeal of Obamacare a litmus test for picking their candidate. Then a couple of weeks ago, in response to Obama’s crediting Romney for Obamacare, Romney retorted “Why didn’t any one of them or the president ever call me and say what worked, what didn’t?,” He admitted that it was an experiment and that some experiments do not work.

That was a good step in the right direction.

Last night, with Greta Van Susteren, Romney talked about everything, and laid out an energy policy that would actually work! He answered every question forthrightly except he took a pass on attacking Trump (Commandment 11: Thou shalt not smote thy fellow Republican) He answered in a way that would make most of the base proud to support him, but he was not asked about Romneycare. Too bad really, because, he is almost there. He needs to ‘fess up. Pawlenty like, he needs to claim it was an experiment and that it was a mistake. He has no choice. Ordering individuals to buy something just because they were born and are alive is just as wrong for Massachusetts, as it is for the US.