Before you criticize Paul Ryan's world, let take a look at the world Obama wants.

It is amazing how similar Senator Kennedy’s description of a world with Bork on the Supreme Court back in the 80s and Obama’s description last week of Paul Ryan’s world are. According to these Democrats both worlds are bigoted, uncaring, and misogynistic. It turns out that according to their narrative, the only thing that will save us are the warm and motherly Democrats.

Funny too, because neither of them ever get around to describing the world that they would end up ruling. Obama envisions a world where capital gains taxes are raised even if it means less capital gains taxes are collected! He said so himself in an interview with Charlie Gibson. Obama envisions a world where energy prices would necessarily skyrocket! He told that to the San Francisco Chronicle.

In Obama’s world, the taxpayer is treated as a servant class, merely a source of income, and the 9% of the population that is union would be treated as first class citizens, immune from taxes on healthcare payments, the recipient of taxpayer bailouts, and a promise that “your agenda is my agenda”. That was something he told the SEIU before he was elected and then proceeded to make SEIU boss Andy Stern the most frequent guest at the White House during his first year. Indeed he promised SEIU to “paint the nation purple.”, a reference to their colors. In the war between taxpayers and unions, Obama has picked sides, and it’s not with the taxpayers.

To the taxpayers of our great nation, Obama envisions a world where we no longer produce a quarter of the world’s output, and would no longer use 25% of the worlds energy. That means that we would no longer have the ability to hold our economy up either.

In Obama’s world, the United States would not be a very special place to live. Obama said “I believe in American exceptionalism, just as the Brits believe in British exceptionalism, and the Greeks in Greek exceptionalism.”

We know what Obama’s world will look like. We have already seen it. It’s South Chicago. It’s Detroit. Its Camden, or Saint Louis. It’s a world where the tax base has been mugged and chased until it is gone. It’s a world where you cannot open a business unless you know the local political boss and take care of him. It’s a world where we have no expectations. Children cannot learn, adults cannot work, and only the government can solve their problems.