Is Obama a Suicide Economist?

Bill Ayers calls himself a small ‘c’ communist.

When Barack Obama won his state senate seat with the help of the socialist New Party, he said it proved that small ‘d’ democracy works.

So I thought myself clever when I called them both small ‘t’ terrorists.

Except that Obama’s strategy has been to hypnotize, not terrorize. Maybe it wasn’t so clever, what I called him.

Then I had a thought which gave me the willies. We know Obama is a socialist. We know he has hung around with communists all his life. But we don’t know if he is a true-believer in communism.

Obama in the White House will mean trouble for the economy, no doubt. But if he is a true-believer, we could be in much more trouble than we thought.

He might turn out to be a suicide economist. When a sane socialist sees that his policies are bankrupting his country, he backs off a bit to save his political skin. But the true communist doesn’t care if he completely destroys the economy. Capitalism has to die anyway, before the socialist utopia can be born. His own political life is a small price to pay for the cause.