Inseparable: Obama, Ayers and our Economy

This is the first in a series of posts which discuss the relationship between Barack Obama, Bill Ayers, and our national economy.

The overriding issue in this election is the economy. Every American has been affected by the recent collapse of the credit system. For all but the wealthiest among us, this collapse poses a threat to our economic survival. We may lose our jobs; we may lose what’s left in our retirement accounts. Our number one goal on election day will be to put into office the candidate who will eliminate this threat, and restore our economy to good health.

As I begin writing, half of us are prepared to vote for Barack Obama. It is to this half of the population, the half which disagrees with me, that I wish to speak. I am by no stretch of the imagination wealthy. I am threatened by this collapse just as you are. And yet, I will not vote for Obama. I believe that he will do great and lasting harm to our national economy. I believe that Obama’s policies will transform what is now a threat into reality.

To be very plain, I do not believe that our economy can survive an unrestrained Barack Obama. I know this sounds extreme. But my belief is based on a large body of solid factual evidence. I ask you for the opportunity to present that evidence, so that you can make an informed decision on election day.

If you will do me the honor of listening, I promise to act in good faith. I promise to present the facts in context and without distortion; to provide links to all of my sources; to clearly separate my analysis of the evidence from the evidence itself. I promise to respect your right to decide for yourself.

I began this entry by asserting a relationship between the economy, Ayers, and Obama. My view is in sharp contrast with the general perception that Ayers is a side issue, a distraction from the economy. As we shall see, the facts tell a different story. On the basis of these facts, I contend that Bill Ayers is the key to understanding Barack Obama’s economic policy. Please allow me the opportunity to present my case.

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