Duty Calls McCain Again: Battle Moved From Hanoi To Hyde Park

Forty years ago, the war raged in Viet Nam, as John McCain fought bravely for his country. That same war continues today, as Barack Obama commits subversive acts to undermine the institutions of this country.

That opening paragraph is not a cheap stunt. I’ll back it up in what follows.

I don’t pretend there is a case against Obama that would stand up in a court of law. I do contend that there is more than enough solid factual evidence to convict him in the court of public opinion–otherwise known as the presidential election.

Senator McCain, your country is under attack by the same philosophy and the same individuals who attacked it as you served in Viet Nam. They have recruited Barack Obama to their cause. Obama’s actions have stripped him of his right to your loyalty as a comrade in arms. It is now your duty to expose him, thus preserving the institutions of freedom in this great country.

The case against Obama rests on three lines of evidence: his associations, his policies, and his actions.

Obama’s Marxist associations began in his youth and continue to the present day.

Frank Marshall Davis was a communist labor activist who knew Obama as a young man in Hawaii. Obama speaks fondly of him in his book. (In the book he is referred to as simply Frank; Obama’s campaign has acknowledged that the man in question was indeed Frank Marshall Davis.)

Jeremiah Wright was Obama’s spiritual mentor, sounding board, and pastor for 20 years. Wright’s creed is the black liberation theology of James Cone. This creed is solidly based on Marxist philosophy. It considers capitalism to be inseparable from racist oppression.

William Ayers was a combatant in the Viet Nam war, bombing US government buildings and conspiring to kill US soldiers on American soil. (Look it up: It was a nail bomb that went off in Greenwich Village, a bomb intended to explode at an off-base dance near Ft. Dix.) Ayers was a communist then, and remains candidly communist to this day. (He says he is a small ‘c’ communist, in case you are interested.) He worked with Obama on a committee in Chicago, extending grants to Afro-centric [read: Marxist] educational programs (among others).

There is no law against being a Marxist, certainly. But there is a moral law against lying. And that is what Obama has done when faced with his Marxist associations. No one on this earth who is aware of the facts can believe that Obama didn’t know what Jeremiah Wright thinks of this country.

Obama’s policies are Marxist. Marx called it “redistribution of wealth”. Obama calls it “spreading the wealth around”, “neighborliness”, and “patriotic duty”. Read Obama’s “Blueprint for Change”; you will see that government plannning is expected to solve all problems.

Example: Marxism declares, “We will make plug-in hybrids in this country and export them.” Capitalism asks if there is a market for plug-in hybrids before starting the business. Capitalism knows that money equals work, and there is no point in throwing all that work down a bottomless pit.

Obama’s actions are Marxist and constitute a clear and present danger to the institutions of freedom.

Freedom of speech has been attacked by Obama. In Missouri, Democrat prosecutors on the Obama “Truth Squad” were foolish enough to openly declare, in their offical capacities, that they would apply Missouri ethics law to any political advertisement which “claims that Obama is a muslim or does not want to lower taxes.” Look it up on the KMOV web site.

The principle of “one man, one vote” has been attacked by Obama. Prior to this election, ACORN was in court in several states on charges of voter registration fraud. Notwithstanding, Obama gave over $800,000 of campaign money to ACORN in this election cycle. Now ACORN has been so blatant in its tactics that it is under FBI investigation even before the election takes place.

The Constitution itself is under attack by Obama. The notion that the Constitution is a living document, rather than one which should be interpreted according to the clear intent of its language, is subversive on the face of it. When the Constitution is amended by judicial fiat, the people are robbed of their sovereignty.

Senator McCain, I urge you to do your duty and expose this man for the Marxist that he is.