Where Could President Trump Get Ideas on Wiretaps?

Finally the term “fake news” is getting used less these days. Or is it?

I watched Sean Spicer’s pressed today, where he was asked about Trump’s tweet on being wiretapped. It’s too bad that he did not respond to the press to look it up in the New York Times. They published a front page article on Inauguration Day saying exactly what President Trump tweeted about last weekend.

Of course, the NYT could simply say that Schmidt’s article was fake news, and admit their guilt. But I really would have liked Spicer calling out the NYT at the pressed. He could have simply told the reporters to ask th NYT reporter.

Finding this article is so easy that I cannot understand why the MSM does not know it exists. Yes, Rush discussed it plenty on Monday, but I have yet to see it referenced on even Fox. Should I be disappointed or treat this as an admission by the NYT that they do indeed publish “fake news?”