The Real Meaning of a Safety Net

The left talks of having a “safety net” to help folks who are having a tough time in the economy. But one thing they forget is that you need to put yourself at risk to be able to need a safety net. You cannot stand on the ground at the circus and jump up onto the safety net. You need to participate in the activities, show your interest and intention of succeeding in the activities, and try to make something of yourself, so that the safety net can help when you fall.

The left today pushes things like Foodstamps (SNAP) and  Obamaphones (TRAC) on people who have never tried to succeed on the trapeze or the highwire. No taming of lions, tigers, or bears is on their resumes. Not even any “clowning” around nor cannon fire. They’ve just stayed on the ground waiting, some never really having put forth any effort to step out, take any risk, and make something of themselves. Greg’s first rule of economics is this: You cannot fall into the safety net from your couch. Falling up is not an option.