Why is Illinois Holding up Mark Kirk's Trip to the Senate?

Well, the two new Democratic Senators are seated. Mark Kirk won both the election for the full term starting in 2011, and the remaining amount of Obama’s seat (which Burris had held), in what were actually two separate elections in Illinois on Nov. 2. Where is the Republican from Illinois? Not in DC yet.  I see this from Fox News:

The other special election winner, Senator-elect Mark Kirk, R-Ill., must wait a bit longer to join his colleagues. Election officials in his home state need more time to certify the vote there.
Say what?  Does anyone out there with connections know what is going on back in my birth state? Is this Chicago politics as usual?
Another newcomer, Mark Kirk, of Illinois, is scheduled to be sworn in Nov. 29 after that state’s election officials certify the results in the special election for the seat once held by President Obama.
Now, if you KNOW that you will be swearing him in on Nov. 29th, why not now? Are they using the Palm Beach ballots up there in Chicago? Someone should be screaming about this. But everyone is silent. I guess they can count faster and better in West Virginia than Illinois. I say there should be no votes in the Senate until Kirk is sworn in.