Webster Pushing Grayson out the Door in FL-08

Daniel Webster is trying to send Alan Grayson, another Harvard lawyer, a message: Liberalism’s reign is over. Latest poll from Sunshine State News shows Webster’s lead to still 7 points over Alan Grayson, but now it’s 48-41, compared to the 43-36 in September 25 poll.

Holding a steady 7-point lead over a controversial and increasingly malodorous incumbent, Republican Daniel Webster is poised to knock out U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson, a new Sunshine State News Poll shows.

“Webster has to be the favorite here. Grayson has failed to turn his negative image around, and is still viewed in a negative light by a 55-38 margin,” said Jim Lee, president of Voter Survey Service, which conducted both polls. “This means Grayson has very little if any room to grow.”

“The key difference in the poll when compared to last time is that Webster is surging with independents, now leading them by a 48-33 margin over Grayson, which is a reversal from a 42-33 Grayson lead in the last poll (a net swing of 24 points),” Lee reported.

And it seems more and more Floridians have had enough of the Harvard lawyer Grayson’s nasty ads against Webster.

And the congressman’s rising unfavorable rating — now worse than Obama’s — appears to be downright lethal.

“Grayson’s favorable-unfavorable image is now a staggering negative ratio of 55-30, compared to a negative 47-36 ratio in September, so it’s apparent his TV campaign has completely backfired,” Lee said.

The Democrat’s bombastic, shoot-from-the-lip style caught the attention this week of conservative columnist George Will, who called Grayson “the worst politician in America.”

Citing highly negative and inaccurate ads that alternately labeled Webster “Taliban Dan” and a “draft dodger,” Will suggested that Grayson’s “vulgarity” and non-stop anger have caught up with the freshman lawmaker.

Noting that Grayson has even mocked Webster’s name as “18th century,” Will aptly quoted Massachusetts Sen. Daniel Webster (1782-1852): “Anger is not an argument.”

As someone who is supporting Daniel Webster financially but is not a resident of FL-08, please consider helping put Allan Grayson in the unemployment line. Sunshine State News points out

The Oct. 13 filings with the Federal Election Commission show Grayson has raised $5,120,846, with $814,741 cash on hand and $1,080,966 in debt. Webster reported raising $1,317,108, with $340,119 cash on hand and no debt.

Let’s force Obama to pay that million dollars in debt, and let Daniel Webster be the next Congressman from FL-08.