Need Green Job Training? Rob a Bank and It Could Be Yours

Yes, that’s right. Here in the Sunshine State, WCTV in Tallahassee reports that the Department of Corrections has received a grant from, you guessed it, the federal government, to provide training to prisoners having less than three years left on their sentences.

Florida’s prison system has received a $740,000 federal grant to train inmates in solar energy panel installation.

Department of Corrections officials said Friday that the training program will be established at Sago Palm Work Camp in Palm Beach County.

The camp is one of three that provides inmates, who have three years or less remaining on their sentences, with education, training and treatment to better prepare them for finding jobs when they are released.

The state will partner with an accredited technical center that will conduct photovoltaic system training leading to energy practitioner certificates.

The program will include a mobile demonstration module for hands-on training.

So, if you are having troubles getting training, and want to enter the fast-paced green job mill, Florida’s Department of Corrections may just be your answer.

Now, I realize that it is important that convicts have some way of re-joining society in a productive way following their release, so that they can stay out of the prison system. But at a time when everyone else has to pay their own way, something just does not seem right about this gift from the Obama bureaucracy. Or is solar panel installation another of those jobs that free Americans just won’t do. I have not checked into whether illegal alien convicts were eligible for the program.