Mission Impossible: 2010

I’ve been getting reacquainted with some old friends from my childhood days on American Life Network recently.The times have changed, but the theme of saving a nation from power-hungry politicians never goes out of style. This is the start of an episode I’d like to see some evening.

A tourist walks into the National Museum in Warsaw, a vibrant city in a nation that has recovered quickly recovered from recent global economic woes. In a quiet corner in the Gallery of Medieval Art, he presses a button under a kiosk and listens as he watches pictures seen around the world flash on the display. A voice is heard from the speakers on the kiosk:

Good afternoon, Mr. Phelps.

In the past several months, significant change occurred in politics in the former bastion of democracy, the USA. Freedom-loving people, who clearly made their opinions known in numerous peaceful marches and demonstrations in capitals across the country, saw their government take complete control of the healthcare system against popular wishes. This healthcare law, combined with previous private industry takeovers and pwoer grabs, will give the central government total control of their lives, from what they eat to what they drive to how they soend their free time.

This November, it will be possible for the people of the USA to replace their representatives with like-minded individuals who believe the federal government has no constitutional right to such a power grab over the people. However, the current regime, led by President Barack Hussein Obama, will remain in power until the 2012 elections. This man has veto power over any new laws, and has made this healthcare takeover the crown jewel of his presidency, so he would want to veto any changes passed by the new 2011 Congress.

Your mission, Jim, should you decide to accept it, is to get President Obama to sign all changes to his healthcare bill, including repeal. Creating a situation in which Obama will want to cooperate with the new conservative majority in Congress will not be easy. However, your work in the late 1990’s, which saved the USA then, the makes your team the best choice to do it again. As in previous missions, using kidnapping or any other criminal activities is not an option. You need to convince Obama that it is his own best interest to repeal the healthcare bill. He is a political animal, as you well know, and self-interest is his prime motivator.

Like last time, If you or any member of your team is caught or killed during this mission, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.

This message will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, Jim.

Mr. Phelps returns back to his room at the Polonia Palace Hotel. Sipping a glass of fine vodka, Phelps picks his team and gets to work devising a strategy to accomplish his mission.

Your mission, readers, is to suggest ways that Phelps can accomplish his mission, who plays your Mr. Phelps, and what team he could assemble to carry it out.