On United Nations Day, the Onslaught Continues. Are You Ready to Submit?

Good morning. Today is a special day. Are you celebrating yet? That’s right. Today is United Nations Day.

The power grab by the United Nations over the USA has been incessant since the Democrats won a majority in both houses in 2007. In the past two years, the UN has been pressuring the US to accept the Law of the Sea Treaty, which would severely restrict the US Navy’s ability to navigate open waters. We are currently getting pressured to sign on to UN Treaty on the Rights of the Child. This encroachment on parental rights must be rejected by the US. (You can help by donating to the Eagle Forum at above link.) The December Climate Change/Global Warming/Mass Hysteria meeting in Copenhagen is repeatedly being called a last chance to succeed in getting the US onboard the highway to energy poverty.

The next chapter of UN US-bashing has begun. The UN Is investigating human rights abuses in the USA. At first thought, one would have to laugh. The mere presence of Sudan and Libya on this board speaks volumes. Well, now is not the time to laugh. From David Horowitz’ Newsreal Blog, we learn this:

For those of you who have never even heard of a “Special Rapporteur,” you may be surprised to find out that one has been appointed by the United Nations (UN), under a special mandate from the UN Human Rights Council (the successor to the corrupt and anti-Israel UN Commission on Human Rights), to open a probe—for the first time ever— into human rights violations by the United States because of a perception that there isn’t enough affordable public housing in urban areas.

The UN Human Rights Council believes that housing is a human right, and, because housing (especially “affordable housing”) is so tough to come by in places like New York City, there is a strong likelihood that the United States Government is guilty of gross human rights violations.

Not enough affordable public housing? My first reaction was this: If we put up huts like Obama’s brother has in Kenya, would that make them happy?

This is fully supported by the Obama Administration.

The report will be bad. That is a foregone conclusion. How will the UN punish the United States? That remains to be seen. Who gave the UN the right to send a Special Rapporteur on this tour of American cities in the first place, since UN Special Rapporteurs can only visit countries that have agreed to invite them?

After listening to Rush yesterday, the picture is becoming more clear to me every day on what the ultimate ambitions are of the Obama family. Rush stated that he believed that a possible goal of Barack Obama is to be the Secretary-General of the UN. Given his international apology tours, and his eagerness to submit to the UN in matters of Energy policy, naval navigation and parental rights, Rush’s theory really makes sense. After all, Obama will leave the White House a relatively young politician, without a definite career path. I don’t think he would follow Jimmy Carter’s path. His path will be one of power, and to get promoted to the highest governing position in the (or at least his) world. And then he will have all the power that he is handing over to the UN. Given how scary this scenario is, it is appropriate that Halloween is next week.

So, have a wonderful United Nations Day! it really should be on October 31st or April 1st instead.