Will Senator Nelson (D-FL) Really Vote His Views?

My Senator, Bill Nelson (D-FL), states on his website that he is against increasing the national debt.  Nelson voted against the TARP bill, a vote that was cancelled by Sen. Martinez’ (rino-FL) YES vote. I had hopes that he might also vote against the Obama stimulus bill.  So I wrote him this optimistic letter of appreciation.

Thanks for being AGAINST STIMULUS!

I agree with your stance on the Economy as it is stated on your website. It is obvious from your views that you will vote NO on the Obama stimulus bill. Thanks for representing us.  Your stance against increasing the national debt is very welcome, and your opposition to Obama’s plan is very much appreciated!
From your website, Senator:
Since 2000, our national debt has grown by more than $3 trillion, placing a great burden on future generations. As a member of the Senate Budget Committee, I have worked to decrease our national debt by ensuring the federal government doesn’t spend beyond its means. With responsible spending cuts and limited tax cuts that will provide the greatest stimulus to the economy, we can keep our national debt under control and increase job creation.

Over the past five years, we have experienced the worst level of job creation since the Great Depression. Although 28,000 jobs have been created each month since 2001, we need 150,000 new jobs a month to keep up with population growth.