My Message to Maine's Senators

As a Floridian, I used the web pages to contact Maine’s US Senators. If their decisions affect me, then dad-gum they are gonna here from me. They claim to belong to the GOP, like me, so I should be able to contact these people who profess to believe in the GOP philosophy of limited government. Here is my message:

Please vote NO on the non-Stimulus bill! Do not give in to bribes. The American people will survive if the government lets us! Release the American people, through tax cuts, to recover. Weare ready if government will get out of the way.

Gorbachev (remember him?) asked British PM  Margaret Thatcher (remember her?) how she made sure the stores had bread to sell. She said “I don’t do anything.” Gorbachev, the Socialist Communist, could not understand how bread existed for everyone in England if the government did nothing.  There’s a good lesson, here, Senator.

There’s another lesson here. You pulldown for topics does not have an option for “Economy”. You know why? Because it is not the US Government’s role to provide the Economy, unless you are in China, Venezuela, and Cuba.