Third Parties in Swing States Make a Difference, So Don't Do It!

I understand why some folks voted Libertarian. I was confronted this year with a US House race (FL-15) where a qualified independent candidate was running. I feared that the Democrat Dr. Blythe, a Planned Parenthood supporter, could win without my vote for the GOP Posey (who won). Consider these cases from this 2008 election yesterday:

  • If 90% of those 29,000 who voted for Barr (L) in Indiana had voted for McCain, McCain wins Indiana.

  • If 60% of those 25,000 who voted for Barr (L) in North Carolina had voted for McCain, McCain wins North Carolina.

  • If those 11,000 who voted for Barr (L) in Missouri voted for McCain, McCain would have a 17,000-win instead of a 6,000-vote recount-margin in Missouri.

  • In addition, if those 13,000 people in Minnesota had voted for Coleman instead of the Libertarian candidate Aldrich, then we could definitely count on Coleman winning and not worry about Al Franken winning in the recount (500-vote lead for Coleman now) amid voting irregularities.

I am all for voting one’s conscience. But there are other ways of telling the GOP you are not happy with them: send a letter and withhold your money, but not your vote. Believe me, I doubt 13,000 Barr votes in Minnesota Senate race really tells the GOP anything. But it could mean that those 13,000 pay much higher heating costs the next six years under a steep carbon credit tax program. Unfortunately, the rest of the country will also suffer.