Throw Them a Curveball

In the past week, so much discussion had been made of Governor Palin’s qualifications to become President. It seems that the MSM and the Democrats keep forgetting that Governor Palin is the VP on the ticket.

Now you really to forgive the left. They have this problem with people’s titles. When Obama introduced Joe Biden in Springfield, he called him the “next President of the United States.” When Governor Sarah Palin’s name was announced, they questioned why McCain selected a mayor of a small town in a small (?) state. At some point, they realized that Palin is no longer a mayor, but a Governor. But no one told Joe Biden, who on Thursday referred to Sarah Palin as Lt. Governor Palin. These guys really need to get their act together, or they may refer to Putin as President Putin. But I do really like the title State Senator Obama.

But, I digress. My point is that if the left keep saying that Palin will be one heartbeat away from being POTUS (oh how good that sounds!), I say McCain/Palin throw a curve for the third Presidential Debate: have Sarah Palin substitute for McCain. Why? (1) show her ability to think on her feet; (2) shake up and rattle Obama, making him improvise; and (3) show the country that we would be safe with VP Sarah Palin behind President John McCain. If they are so concerned with her qualifications for President, then let’s see just how qualified she is compared to their nominee. After seeing her over the last week, I’d say she could hold her own.