Eric Cantor lost because Americans are sick of the LIES on immigration

By now you may have heard that House Majority Leader, Forrest Gump…. excuse me, House Majority Leader, ERIC CANTOR (I get them confused), lost his bid to continue to work, in Virginia, for the Chamber of Commerce.  In terms of “political earthquakes,” it’s just this side of Iowa, in the blink of an eye, becoming “Portal to the Pacific”—a freeway-buckling, radiation-releasing 10.0 on the Richter, the source of which has been traced to a brothel in D.C.

Indeed, rumors that Cantor’s esophagus resembled a hummingbird as Fox pronounced him a “private citizen” are swirling amongst F-bombs in the House jacuzzi.  Consider:

— Gump’s… darn it, CANTOR’s internal polling showed him leading by 34 POINTS twenty-four hours before Dave Brat, affirming the poll that matters (people who vote), sent his visage to the Tea Party Trophy Room.

— No sitting House Majority Leader had lost in a primary since the McKinley administration (1899).

— Gump/Cantor outspent his “insignificant” challenger by a business-as-usual TWENTY-SEVEN to ONE.  Unleashing $5 million to crush Brat, Gump/Cantor spent $46,000 more dining at STEAK HOUSES than the winner spent in toto.

Check out this hummingbird.

What a night!!

The biggest political THUNDERCLAP since Scott Brown reminded America that “Ted’s seat” belonged to the people of Massachusetts bears the scent of Boston Harbor.  That sound you hear is the ribbing of the U.S.S. Amnesty popping beneath the weight of Tea Leaves steeped in rage.

Justifiably so…. Citizens are fed up with the disingenuous posturing of phonies proficient at lying to their face.  They’re done “compromising.”  The refusal of Republican leaders to assert and defend the basic principles of freedom in favor of an agenda that destroys them is alarming—and, yes, Virginia, IMMIGRATION brought us out.

Dismiss Rove and the Echoettes.  Dismiss Brit Hume.  Forget the seals spinning this darkly.  Dave Brat pulled-off the biggest political upset since oat-powered transportation, not because he’s the second-coming of George Washington, but because Eric Cantor is a liar…  And John Boehner is a liar….  And Paul Ryan is a liar.  Informed Americans aware of their lies – the backroom deals, malfeasance, and duplicity – are demanding HONEST STATESMEN with fidelity to their vows, who mean what they say, and who are willing to expose and challenge progressives hellbent on marching America off a cliff.

Take the border.  What’s happening – the government’s reaction to it – is the most alarming development of the Obama administration.  There is no swifter route to “fundamental transformation” of America into a de facto Welfare State than flooding the country with illiterate “refugees.”  It’s nuts, a game-changer—for they aren’t Ellis Islanders “yearning to be free,” they’re opportunists seeking work beneath the table, a gamed system, and participation in REDISTRIBUTIVE programs that expand and empower an activist State.

Virginians said NO…. We’re $18,000,000,000,000.00 in debt and *Virginia, on Tuesday, outed Santa Claus, rejecting Cantor and the ridiculous idea that aliens, flooding into Texas to be dispersed across the country, redound to prudence and economic growth.  The Melting Pot is melting DOWN—and every American, every citizen, who loves this country, recognizes that wage-leveling and an expansive Welfare State is the cost of pandering to groups as disparate as the Chamber of Commerce and the A.C.L.U.

It’s that simple.  The GOP is aligned against the interests of America, Americans, their respective constituencies, and the principles inherent in the Bill of Rights…. It’s a wholly owned subsidiary of K-Street which seeks low wages, barriers to small business (Competition: the bane of corporatists, dontchya know!), and a permanent underclass which, when it votes, will expedite our decline.

This is why Cantor lost.  America is in a cold Civil War—a campaign pitting Tea Party Conservatives (and libertarians) against the Two-headed Monster of the GOP Establishment and Progressives across the aisle.  Both Republicans and Dems see conservatives as the enemy…. For how to explain that the enumerated power – to secure the border – has been abolished?  How to explain that, instead of securing the border (something other nations do reflexively) the Government encroaches – on education, land management, property rights, and health care – beyond its legal scope?  The Government promotes ANARCHY in areas it should manage, TYRANNY in areas it has no business, and pretends as if IT sanctioned the states instead of the states sanctioning IT.

Here’s Cantor on immigration: “A good place to start is with the kids… One of the great founding principles of our country was that children would not be punished for the mistakes of their parents.  It is time to provide an opportunity for legal residence and citizenship for those who were brought to this country as children and know no other home.”

founding principle of our country?  Not “punishing” children for the mistakes of their parents? Forget the absurdity that it’s “punishment” for Mexicans to live in….  wait for it…. MEXICO, where is that?  On what PAGE?  Did he LIE?

Of course.  That’s his job…. That’s what he made it.  

And so little wonder he’ll soon be a lobbyist—for there’s little else politicians know how to do.   There’s little else, sadly, that gets them through their day.
~Greg Halvorson

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*NOTE: Cantor represents (or pretends to) Virginia’s 7th district.