If you call the president (or his wife) a monkey, you’re a degenerate boob who needs to grow up


I don’t get it.  You have to be pretty darn obtuse not to realize that calling a black man a “monkey” is racially charged in a public forum.  It’s idiotic.  Imbecilic.  Obscene.  And yet, daily, in social media, I see it, some fool (often, multiple fools) referring to Barack Obama as a monkey, ape, vine-swinger, “jungle bunny”….  Ditto, his wife, who in addition to being a she-ape, Sasquatch, gorilla, etc., gets special focus on her keister, its size and status as “repository for her brain.”

Yes, believe it or not, people who clearly have gray-matter issues nonetheless mock the intelligence of Michelle Obama.  Now, I’m conservative, as traditional as they come, and oppose her husband’s policies.  (I don’t believe he has a foreign policy; if you find it, e-mail it to me.)  But this isn’t about opposing Obama, it’s about morons who believe it’s okay – even cool – to call him a monkey, to deem Michelle “Sasquatch,” and the IRONY of them flashing the HUHA card.

HUHA?  Head Up Her Assets….

Ironic, indeed.  These boys aren’t self-aware.  They aren’t clever.  To the men who built this nation, who fought and died at Omaha Beach, who raised the flag on Mt. Suribachi, they’re reminders that Liberty, while empowering, does not dispense Mensa Cards.

That said, they’re here—so let’s walk through it.  Recently, I responded to people calling Lois Lerner a “bitch” by asking: How do ad hominem attacks help your cause?  She’s a criminal, I said, and this assertion, backed by evidence, will more effectively engage readers, frame the argument, and change minds.  Calling her a bitch may make you feel good, but, in fact, you’re slinging mud, doing nothing to advance your position, and making yourself look lame in the process.

Now replace “Lois Lerner” with “Obama.”  When the latter says something stupid, when he makes Jimmy Carter look like Patton, why go where he thrives?  It doesn’t take a genius to call him out. But it does take an idiot to implode winning arguments with racial slurs.  Calling him a monkey accomplishes two things:

1) it removes the focus from him and places it on your word-choice; and 2) it revs up the caricature machine, playing into the hands of your opponent.

Well done—you tripped the Race Card.  There might’ve been nine-hundred sound comments, but one (YOURS) torched the field.  Most people get this—most understand that the Left – fair or not – will cherry-pick one idiot out of a thousand, isolate him, and present him as PROOF that “conservatives” are racist—

What’s that?  THEY do it?  They’re keyboard SAVAGES?


There are liberals who want to “hang” Clarence Thomas, who call Dr. Carson a “house Negro,” and who, hypocritically, label Allen West a gorilla.  Idiocy is contagious.  Idiocy is the moral tic of Modern Man.  But to argue that “they do it, so I’ll do it” is insane.

You’re a loser.  I don’t say that meanly, I say it honestly.  Because you’re thoughtless.  Because no winner would call a black man an ape, let alone one who lives in the White House, under any circumstance.  You ARE a loser, and non-strategic and profane.  But – and this should cheer you – so was Saul of Tarsus.

There’s HOPE!! 

Saul became Paul, an apostle, after doing dumber things than insulting Caesar.  We all need rerouting.  All of us, at times, need someone with a clear head to tweak ours.  If I’m out of line, I don’t want affirmation from people blind to it or, worse, parrots repeating my bilge.

Thus, I’m calling you out so you can PROGRESS!!

Take ObamaCare—You HATE this turkey.  ObamaCare cut your hours, raised your premium, and caused your podiatrist to flee to Guam.  You’re angry – UPSET – and are ready to respond in public by—STOP.

This is the point at which you must brake, chant “words reflect character,” and choose intelligence.  In response to losing your doctor, you can either call the president an embarrassing racial slur that makes you look like a troglodyte, or you can engage him substantively and offer facts.

Old You: Ship this POS baboon back to KENYA!

New You: The president, in selling ObamaCare, promised that if I liked my plan, I could keep it—he lied…. My plan is history.  My doctor is history.  Thanks to Barack Obama, not only have I lost my plan, lost my doctor, and seen my premium double, my deductible TRIPLED, and my hamster croaked….  This is wrong, it’s evil, it’s BIZARRE—O-Care STINKS!!

This is substantive.  Showing how the president has created hardship spurs awareness.  The Old You operated on emotion, reacting without considering words.  The New You operates on objectivity and, while still passionate, truth.

Feel better?  You have company.  In the Book of Proverbs, King Solomon writes: He who guards his mouth preserves his life; but he who opens wide his lips shall have destruction.

That would rock a bathroom mirror!

Here’s another: Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, but those who deal truthfully are His delight.

And another: Whoever loves instruction loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid.

Ouch.  Next time someone screams “DON’T JUDGE ME!” in order to deflect from their behavior, quote Solomon.  Telling people that they’re acting stupidly when, in fact, they’re acting stupidly isn’t “judging,” it’s looking after their best interests.

Now, of course, someone is going to burst a blood vessel and, ignoring what I’ve said, deem me a “fascist,” a “language Nazi,” or – my favorite – a “closet liberal.”  This subtle version of DON’T JUDGE ME! uses “political correctness” to justify every low-life, degrading comment they spew.  It’s “politically correct” to assert that calling a black man a monkey reflects poorly on them.

But they’re HIGH.

Refusing to speak out against a liar-who-happens-to-be-black BECAUSE he’s black is P.C.  Being an idiot isn’t anti-P.C., it doesn’t “strike a blow for Freedom,” it merely degrades everyone around you and leads, ironically, to the thing you oppose.

That’s right—every time you call the president a monkey, it empowers progressives to stifle speech.  Suddenly EVERYONE is racist, and anything said in refutation of Obama is a subliminal dog-whistle to men in white hoods.

Whoever loves instruction loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid.

Remember this.  Take it to heart.  And know that shame is good for society.  Shame girders freedom.  Lao Tzu, the philosopher, once wrote: “The best fighter is never angry.”  Respond to anger with virtue, he said.

And virtue knows shame, and shame is contrite.  Before we can win, we must pause.  We must think.  In the Bible, in Ecclesiastes, Solomon advises: Be not quick to anger, for anger lodges in the bosom of fools.

And, no, he wasn’t being self-righteous.  He spoke from experience—he had been a fool…. “A wise man will hear and increase learning,” he wrote.

Wisdom engages.  It’s non-partisan.  It’s black and white.

And one thing it tells us, if it tells us anything, is that Kings of Israel don’t ape—they inspire.
~Greg Halvorson

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