Memorial Day 2014 -- hot dogs, hamburgers, scandal, and disgrace



Hey everyone, it’s me, Your Humble Correspondent.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to adopt the E-Mail-Flood Plan recommended by Clickapedia…. Ever humble, I subscribe to the adage, “leave ‘em wanting more,” with the assumption that, as bon vivants, you enjoy the blog as much as you enjoy rush-hour on Friday – bladder full – behind an Obama! MoonBat Mobile.

At least that much—though it’s quiet out there.  My pre-Memorial Day Weekend piece was an exercise in cave-writing, but lulls happen, and my hope (because there’s always hope) is that years hence someone – perhaps Martians – will read it.

That said: If man writes blog no one reads did man blog?  Hmmm…. If I had a cent for each time a lib called me a “hack,” I’d inquire.  But enough—it’s Memorial Day…. Happy bands, beer, and burgers!  Happy opportunity to give thanks, to pause and consider where we’d be without Men—Good Men, Rough Men, Committed Men…. WARRIORS!!

Yes, a good day, an important and pious day—but there’s clouds.  Reality tells me that while Veterans are heroes, and heroes deserve honor, our Vets are being dishonored—and WORSE. Reality tells me the opposite of honor – disgrace – is the motto of the modern V.A.

How else to construe their despicable actions?  Their sickening tomes?  The V.A., as its budget spiked 35%, spent it not on patient care, not on IMPROVING the health of warriors, but on….  wait for it…. OFFICE FURNITURE.  Yes, only $500 MILLION (I routinely drop that at IKEA), but I was under the impression that their mission IS “health care,” not gardening, not decorating… But, you know, HEALTH care.

Silly me.

I’m upset.  We – anyone with a heart, soul, and mind – are disgusted.  These heroes didn’t serve so that bureaucrats could slowly kill them.  So “performance bonuses” requiring the deletion of disgrace could grease liars.

But I’m not upset so much as sad, for there’s a level of evil beyond fury.  Beyond rage.  One can’t capture it.  But one can mourn.  And one can pray – and hope – that justice befalls the bloodless for whom the duty we owe people who protect our ability to choose between the Macchioto with ginger sprinkles at Starbucks and the whipped-cream latte at Panera means JACK.


That word should cattle-prod every soul.  To mock dignity…. To shred compassion…. To assail decency—that’s “progress.”  Socialism?  Please—they’ve rebranded!

Progress is “good,” “avant garde,” “cutting-edge”….  Such is the Orwellian spin of a movement whose theme is bureaucratic torture in papered pits.  Whose goal is God-play served with a truncheon.

Harsh?  I don’t think so!

We (Yes, OUR system) are treating those who gave everything, who served and sacrificed on behalf of liberty, like rats.  What’s more – and this is abject – we treat illegal aliens – people who’ve given nothing, contributed nothing, and who in many cases are hostile to America – like Ulysses.  Better than this.  And this.

So it’s difficult to view this.  Difficult to reconcile a country whose government rejects moral integrity with George Washington, Jesus, and the Apostles’ Creed—Is this America?


Willful neglect of disease is demented.  Hearings—we’re holding HEARINGS?  How ‘bout holding COP RAIDS and FROG MARCHES?

We don’t want “hearings,” and we certainly don’t want a snake-eyed prevaricator telling us from the golf course that he’s “mad as hell” and “people will be held accountable” and “Americans should be angry.”  In a few years they’ll be gone, every man who hunted Hitler—and they have to bear this?

This president better represents – and respects – Occu-poopers with trust-funds than the boys of Midway, Tarawa, and Pointe du Hoc.

Indeed, this president is an unqualified disgrace to every veteran who ever served; spit-in-the-eye of every soldier who ever lived—every Marine, Sailor, and Airman…. His presence is malign.  He hates this country and what it stands for.

But, of course – SURPRISE! – he boarded Air Force One-–to KANDAHAR!!  To see the TROOPS!!

Genius—pure GENIUS…. Hollywood should give him a Lifetime Achievement Award:

For supreme brazenness, shamelessness, and aggressive mendacity, we, The Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts, and Sciences, do hereby declare Barack Hussein Obama, the most artful man on Earth, bequeathing upon him all rights, therein, including the right to lie with impunity, mock Reality, and laugh at disaster in oversized shoes.

He can put it next to his Nobel Peace Prize.  And his bust of Stalin.  And, of course, the gallery – one in every room! – featuring autographed prints of…. himself.
~Greg Halvorson

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