The firing of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich -- a fascist purge in a country I increasingly do not recognize

You know what’s scary—I thought twice about writing this.  Really, in America, the Land of the Free…. cough…. and Home of the Brave, it ran through my mind that if I write and publish my take on the Eich controversy, I could be the next target of a movement which ruthlessly crushes dissent.

The most frightening thought – among many – that I’ve ever had occurred—that in America in 2014, I am fearful of speaking my mind…. Fearful of the Iron Fist of homegrown thuggery smashing a right I’ve long taken for granted.  It’s Saturday, gorgeous out…. I wanna play!

I refuse.

~ ~ ~

Because, it’s here.  The Big F.  In 2008, Eich, the aforementioned, gave $1000 to backers of Prop 8, which put before voters the question of marriage.  Backers of the initiative sought to lay it on the line.

And it passed.  Big.  Over 7 million Californians (52%) affirmed that which has stabilized society for centuries and which has NEVER, until recently, been questioned by any philosopher, scholar, or H.R. geek from the Silicon Valley.

Man-Woman.  Case closed.

But hold on….  When progressives lose, they don’t really lose, they regroup.  They tap lawyers, sue, and hypocritically block “the Voice of the People” they trumpet when victorious.

So, they found a judge.  The judge obliged—turned out to be gay.  (Funny how that works.)  A GAY judge – one man – killed Prop 8.  An activist with an agenda neutered the voice of 7 million Californians.

Remember, Eich’s opinion was the same as that of the president of the United States.  The same as Barack Obama’s opinion in 2008, ’09, ’10, and ’11.  But the president evolved.  Pre-election.  (Funny how that works.)

Question: Why was the president not labeled a bigot and forced from office by compassionate homosexuals?  Double-standard?  Eich gave money – SIX YEARS AGO – in support of something affirmed by plebiscite, and as a result, he’s been slandered, bullied, harassed, and fired.  He works daily with homosexuals, runs (ran) a company with “progressive values,” and has never shown or displayed anti-gay sentiment—NO MATTER.  He voted wrong.  He’s gone.

Question: Should the 7 million Californians who voted to define marriage as between One Man and One Woman each be identified, hunted down and brought to heel?  What if a business owner fired a homosexual for voting AGAINST Prop 8…. WHAT THEN?

I’ll tell you—Gays would launch a Search-and-Destroy mission, they would hunt that person down, sue him, harass him, and destroy his life….  Theirs is a world of intimidation.  Retribution.  Oh, and tolerance.

~ ~ ~

On Facebook, I found a Nazi swastika overlaying the rainbow flag and found it interesting—symbolic of fascist thuggery that crushes dissent, rules by fear, and fosters paranoia.  Wow, I thought, when these people “come out,” they really COME OUT…. Americans – especially those who submit to biblical authority – are discovering progressive darkness.  They’re waking to a movement – comprised of bigoted homosexuals, radical environmentalists, angry atheists, ethnic race-snipes, and Marxist “educators” – that’s fascist and dictatorial, and which despises the Constitution.


I dissent.  The Homosexual Hate Lobby won’t silence me.  Conform or be ruined?  Resist and be raped?

Better to die on one’s feet than live on one’s knees.

But just for laughs, let’s peruse Mozilla Chair Mitchell Baker’s statement on what, laughably, she called Eich’s “resignation.”

“Mozilla believes both in equality and freedom of speech.  Equality is necessary for meaningful speech.  And you need free speech to fight for equality. Figuring out how to stand for both at the same time can be hard.”

Umm, does anyone have an ice-pick?  I’ve been wanting to give myself a lobotomy.  Mitch—in the annals of steaming crap-piles, your statement is the steamiest steamer ever steamed!  It takes the cake.  Though certainly not a cake you would demand of a Christian baker.

You believe in free speech?  The hell you do—you believe in intimidation.  In iron-fisted control.  In boot-heel compliance with parochial interests.  Leave it to an “enlightened” progressive to issue a brain-rattling statement so full of flam that it would stump Aristotle.

“Equality is necessary for meaningful speech?”

That might be the most indecipherable tripe ever presented in an official capacity.  WHAT does it MEAN?  What is “meaningful speech”?

Certainly not speech that supports the definition of “MARRIAGE” since the beginning of time—THAT was stifled.  I’ve read the statement twelve ways (a Baker’s dozen!) and believe that if I read it twelve-hundred ways, it wouldn’t make sense.  There would be a point at which I would necessarily pause, declare it the work of an imbecile, point out that Baker doesn’t comprehend “equality,” doesn’t see that one can’t stifle speech AND support it, and recommend that she donate her organs…. now.

Standing for equality AND free speech is “hard”?  REALLY?  Free speech is inherently equal.  What ISN’T is what Baker and Mozilla did in canning Brendan Eich for….  wait for it….  SPEAKING FREELY.
~ ~ ~

I love to read comment sections beneath articles—that’s where the zeitgeist lies.  The LGBT “community,” its enforcers, may discover that acting like the leg-breaking arm of the Gambino family will piss-off a significant number of Americans who were previously “gay agnostic.”

To wit: “So, after fighting, and fighting, and fighting for acceptance and tolerance, now the LGBT community has turned into thugs?  And this helps them HOW?  Do Americans have the right to have a view, a feeling, a belief without being persecuted?  Or is this Russia?  Do Americans have Freedom of Religion?  Or is this Russia?  Do Americans have the right to speak their mind without someone going after them, their family, and their job?  Or is this Russia?  How can anyone respect someone in this day and age if that someone is going to attack them for exercising their God given rights?  After all the civil rights turmoil this country has gone through, you’d think everyone would understand ‘tolerance.’  But nooooooo, not the gay “community”—it’s all about them, and it always has been about them…. to them.  The rest of us have a life and our beliefs, and would appreciate some respect.  That 2% of the population can make so much noise is ridiculous.  I used to respect my gay friends, but now I’m not so sure that’s a safe thing to do.”

Wow.  Sounds like some people aren’t too keen on crazed mobs of intolerant bigots attacking people for expressing their opinion.  That comment was one of hundreds – on multiple sites – that expressed displeasure with what’s increasingly being viewed as a fascist mindset.   Indeed, the progressive movement is anathema to the American tradition of opposing thugs that beat-down opponents by stifling speech.

Let’s nip this in the bud.  Speak OUT—kill it.

In Nazi Germany, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, alarmed by the tepid resistance to evil, responded.  To Christian, Jew, and secularist, he said: “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil…. Not to speak is to speak.  Not to act is to act.”

This isn’t Nazi Germany.  But neither was Nazi Germany before it was…. Nazi Germany.

Speak.  Act.

~Greg Halvorson

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Romans 12:2

NOTE: Some people are expressing discomfort with my “Nazi comparison” and saying that it “discredits” my position…  To these people, I say that your perception of the Nazis and Naziism is myopic.  Nazi comparisons are discrediting only if your understanding of Naziism centers wholly around the murder of Jews — but there is more – a lot more –  to the fascist Nazi movement than concentration camps and ovens….  Indeed, the iron-fisted social construct and progressivism of the Nazis strongly parallels the fascist proclivities of the homosexual mob that ousted Eich, and which demands CONFORMITY and COMPLIANCE at every turn.  Please, let us examine history in its entirety and apply it where appropriate.  No one is equating the Gay Mob to murderers, but there is more to Nazi behavior – then and now – than that.