AWESOME -- American educators are finally taking steps to jail students who use car-trunks to store dangerous pocket-knives on school grounds


THIRTEEN.  That’s the number of days 18 year-old Jordon Wiser, of Jefferson, Ohio, spent behind bars because officials at Ashtabula City Technical School, alerted to an on-line message, searched his car, found a knife in the trunk, and called in men who train all their lives to rush into danger.  Wiser had cleverly placed the blade in an E.M.T. jacket (part of a “Responder Kit”) and it’s a fine thing they caught him—for he actually said – with a straight face! – that, in the event of an accident, the weapon could be used to slash a seat-belt….

HELLO?  Apparently, Jordon, who hopes… IRONY ALERT…. to become a police officer, believes it’s his duty to pull victims from burning cars!


Fortunately, the crime – “illegal conveyance of a weapon on school grounds” – not only placed him (safely) behind bars, but got him expelled – FOREVER – so that classmates can move forward and lead normal lives.

As for the Army, which, pre-arrest, he planned to join—nothing says “Be ALL You Can Be” like enforcing rules that turn kids into robots, cast them adrift, and cleanse them of vestigial masculine traits.  Upon learning of Jordon’s conduct, recruiters, recognizing the danger, took steps to make certain that this subversive, potentially violent boy will NEVER don the uniform of U.S. Anything—Jordan has been kicked out of the Future Soldier Training Program!


~ ~ ~

So, there you have it, a situation so perverse that it’s difficult to comprehend.  The din of skulls banging desks, fists punching walls, and cheeks meeting palms can be heard across America….  The question – What kind of sick, demented country expels and JAILS kids for storing 3-inch knives in their E.M.T. Responder Kits? – can now be answered:


And, honestly, I don’t know what’s worse, that a gang of goose-steppers stormed his car and called the cops, or that the cops responded by blow-torching sanity and hauling him away?  On multiple levels – the cost of his incarceration, its length, that it HAPPENED – it makes me wonder whether this is America or whether some great Castration God has hijacked our past.

Question: Does anyone believe that behind the Buckeye State motto – With God, all things are possible – lay the hope that one day public servants would act so stupidly?

Shame on the police, the teachers, the administrators, and any official who played any role whatsoever in the passage of a law so blind to justice that it might as well’ve been drafted by wolves.  Certainly some leader – JOHN KASICH? – will step in, condemn it, and WIPE IT FROM THE SLATE in order to ensure that this happens once, once only, again never.  EVER.

That’s the point: no more Jordons.  Stop the madness, the insanity, the institutionalization of one-size-fits-all policies which voiddiscernment, i.e., the ability to see and understand people, things, or situations clearly and intelligently.

Let’s repeat that for emphasis: the ability to see and understand people, things, or situations CLEARLY and INTELLIGENTLY.

Can we put that on a reel?  Micro-chip it into the foreheads of the goons at A.C.T.S.?  The public servants of Jefferson, Ohio?

Show of hands: How many here – don’t be shy! – believe that, in this situation, the players involved acted less like Brown Shirts from the glory days of the Gestapo and more like rational human beings capable of acting CLEARLY and INTELLIGENTLY?

If you raised your hand—thank you.  You’re rational.  You lack fascist tendencies.  And you grasp that the RIGID application of “no tolerance” laws – the rigid application of anything – voids subjectivity, discernment, and common sense.  In Jordon’s case, it turned presumably intelligent people into sociopathic robots with no judgment – thus, no humanity – whatsoever.

What was gained?  Is Jordon better off?  Is the Army, the school, the community, the police department, and, indeed, the Ohio TAXPAYER ameliorated for having enforced an idiotic law that may permanently harm a citizen?

The answer is: No, no, no, no, no, and NO.

Love that word…. NO is good.  NO is necessary.  Preventing bad things with this simple, succinct verb is what individuals who think for themselves must do in order to save Mankind!

Indeed, we must act as individuals – people in touch with humanity – in order to respect others, and we can’t respect others – in a meaningful way – if legal gobbledygook overrides our ability to approach situations in a discerning manner.  No Tolerance policies exist on account of institutionalized Group-Think, the rigidity of which sanctions cult-like rejection of subjective analysis—of SITUATIONS.

Now, before I scoot to my pedicure, an appeal—can we please stop neutering straight white juvenile males as if Steinem Castrati Kits are set expire?  What if Jordon had been a Girl Scout?  What if instead of being a testosterone-filled kid with aspirations to join the military he’d been a gender-confused hermaphrodite?  What then?

One thing’s for certain: I wouldn’t have written this blog…. Discernment is granted to some and not to others based on gender, which is something  I’m willing to launch into a bug-eyed rant over till the End of Time.

Boys are boys.  Boys are great!  Boys, when allowed to express wonderful boyish tendencies – as in openings stuck jars, playing Cowboys and Indians, and owning E.M.T. Responder Kits with 3-inch knives capable of slicing the seat-belts of burning cars! – benefit society.

So, stop flipping out when they act like boys…. Be it knife or Pop-tart, adults who overreact to circumstances which a short while ago wouldn’t have mobilized S.W.A.T. teams inflict harm on both sexes.


Boys aren’t the chattel of Social Potters.  They aren’t empty husks in which to pour progressive paeans.  And those who believe otherwise, who disagree—well and good….  Support aspiring kids having their dreams dashed all you like.  Fill Christmas stockings with “Totalitarianism for Dummies.”

The bottom-line is that you should not be allowed to teach children.  And you should not hold any position of authority which demands discernment consistent with common sense.

For as we’ve seen, when granted power, you abuse it.  And it’s not good for culture, society, or kids.
~Greg Halvorson

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