GOOD NEWS, America -- the president’s top advisor, Valerie Jarrett, is busy using her power to “suggest” that Hollywood write ObamaCare into scripts....

This isn’t a political blog and it’s not going to be, but there’s a truism – Life is politics – which necessitates that those who seek to opine must, on occasion, make political statements.  Culture does, in fact, lie upstream of politics, and ever since the Summer of Love, when “liberation” went screaming off the rails, cultural sewage has flowed through the voting booth, creating a sump in Washington D.C.

That said, I’m curious…. Would someone please explain why presidential advisor, Valerie Jarrett – POTUS de facto – is pressing Hollywood to write policy into SCRIPTS?

Really….  I’m not here to address Jarrett’s roots, nor to discuss whether centrally-planned, Command-Control medicine is wise for a nation that borrows 40-cents on the dollar—NO.  I’m here to ask WHY it is that a top advisor, who is compensated by TAXPAYERS, is pressuring…. errr, lobbying…. citizens to propagandize entertainment.

Yes, I “get” progressives.  I understand that, as a Government deifier, Jarrett is Archangel of Lines, assuming the role of erasing limits on Uncle Sam.  That’s what progressives do—bore like boll weevils into Life’s fabric.

But, seriously—the president’s TOP advisor “wants”…. wink, wink…. SCREENWRITERS to foist the most controversial government expansion in history into television and movies?


It’s absurd.  The minute I hear Homer Simpson say, “Marge, thanks to ObamaCare we’re free—so free that I told Burns to shove it and am now writing sonnets”—the SECOND I hear this, I’m joining a militia.

Good Lord—am I alone?  What about the writers themselves?  What if they aren’t down with Val-paling?  What if, shared ideology aside, they’re simply not into her barging like Gotti into their office, brow-beating them into altering their craft, and gumming up story-lines with Obamapalooza?  WHAT THEN?

See the problem?  Forget the fact that Americans hate ObamaCare, that it affirmatively stinks, and that cramming it in stories will record groans on the Richter scale—Jarrett is the most powerful woman in America.  The use of her position to coerce writers is abusive.

And, yes—they’re COERCED!

They may not admit it, but how would you feel if your artistic arm were twisted by Plenary Power—the power to make or break you, the power to make calls, “do a little checking”?  “Suggestions” from Val are layered with “implications,” and she isn’t known for being subtle.

Bottom-line: It is NOT the proper role of extremely powerful government officials – most especially PRESIDENTIAL ADVISORS – to suggest that independent Hollywood scribes and studios work controversial law into scripts.  Swaying opinion on behalf of government is – or should be – a POLITICAL matter.

This is no less untoward than if Jarrett were to “sit-down” with journalists—Pssssst, like your JOB?

What Jarrett wants – again, as she’s compensated by taxpayers – is a “voluntary”….  cough.…  propaganda campaign.

Question: If the top advisor of a conservative flew to Hollywood to implore writers (and their bosses) to work REPEAL into scripts, how would  Jarrett react?

She’d call for their HEAD.

Americans should call for hers.

~Greg Halvorson

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