Benghazi: the Great Media Whitewash.... a National Disgrace

Recently, as Fox News broke new revelations that the White House received exigent requests for help during the Benghazi consulate attack, I went to see what the Big Three were running.  As reported earlier on our Facebook *page:

NBC website–NO coverage; headline: Auto bailout comments hurt Romney in car country…. CBS website–NO coverage; headline: Will white men sink Obama? …. ABC website–one obscure mention, softball headline….

Seriously….  It’s as if Watergate has broken open, but, instead of reporting it, the media is conspiring with Nixon…. They are, in FACT, conspiring with Obama to whitewash a blatant cover-up…. The president, in an effort to protect his campaign Talking Point – that he, Superman, has “decimated al Qaida” – forswore his duty to protect Americans, who died as a result…. With resources available, and drones overhead – with clear intelligence stating unequivocally that terrorists were mounting a deadly assault – the president, literally, allowed Ambassador Stevens, Navy SEAL, Tyrone Woods, and 2 other Americans, to perish, and did so, insidiously, for political reasons.

Watergate is considered America’s biggest scandal.  Watergate symbolizes the corrupting influence of unfettered power.  Watergate, however, didn’t bring us body-bags, flag-draped coffins, grieving parents, a ridiculous video, absurd apologies to terrorists by high level officials reminiscent of a Neville Chamberlain grovel, and a media spavined by bias so blatant that it conjures the salad days of Pravda CCCP.

Obama is up 4 coffins on Nixon.  He watched – or was certainly aware that al Qaida wanted him to – Americans die on American territory.  He did nothing.  He flew to Las Vegas…. He attacked Mitt Romney.

The president, from day one, lacked the gravitas necessary to perform the duties of his office.  He has disgraced and embarrassed and divided America like no leader in our lifetimes.  He, if he had honor, would resign–in a just world, he would be impeached.  That he will suffer neither fate is an indictment of our culture.  Journalism schools have churned out sycophantic, unprofessional lapdogs incapable of objectivity.  For it, Americans are worse off.

And, tragically, some are dead.

~Greg Halvorson

UPDATE: In an interview, earlier today (10-26), with KUSA-Denver, the president was asked whether requests for help were denied in real time.  His answer:

“Well, we are finding out exactly what happened… I can tell you as I have said over the last couple of months since this happened, that the minute I found out what was going on, I gave three very clear directives.  Number one, make sure that we are securing our personnel and doing whatever we need to.  Number two, we’re going to investigate exactly what happened to make sure it doesn’t happen again.  Number three, find out who did this so we can bring them to justice…  I guarantee you that everybody in the State Department, our military, CIA, you name it, had as the number one priority making sure that people were safe.”

Yet another blatant falsehood from the most dishonest president in modern times.