ObamaCare, the Supremes, and Catholic delusion

We’re now weeks, not months, away from the Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare.  Looking back, I remember comments by Fidel Castro upon passage of the law.  Until that time, we’d “lagged Cuba” and been denied the “right” to have technocrats control health insurance via “progressive” planning.  We achieved “common sense.”  The complaint, that “America is the only western nation that denies health care,” had been salved.  No one anticipated that in due course the government would redefine the First Amendment, force religious hospitals to violate moral dictates, and spin opposition into hostility against women.

Now, however, as ObamaCare unfolds – and “we find out what is in it” – we understand two things: 1) that joining “modernity,” as defined by socialists, is regressive; and 2) that Democrats have moved so leftward that they’re now indistinguishable from the dictator of Cuba.

As to lawsuits brought on behalf of Catholic entities, it’s ironic to note that the Archdiocese backed ObamaCare.  Indeed, papal dictates from Rome continue to espouse “universal” health care – socialized medicine – its failures notwithstanding.  Catholic leadership, while angered by mandates which violate moral conscience, is nonetheless empowering men – progressive secularists – who want to strip them of rights.

ObamaCare is force codified within 2700 pages of “mays” and “shalls” leading to debt, lack of choice, and taxation.  Government-centric health care will exacerbate the problems – access and high premiums – it claims to remedy.  For Catholics, the words “social justice” sound good, but the phrase is manipulative.  Social justice is Marxism.  Catholics cannot push for greater government and, in turn, expect Government to promote liberty.

What’s good in ObamaCare?  Nothing.  While you won’t hear it from John Boehner, mandating that companies cover “children” 8 years removed from high school is absurd.  Twenty-six year-olds are not children.  Americans should be offended that adults are being “infantilized” by the State.  The Obama administration wants Americans to believe that “care,” without co-pay, will lower costs, and that it’s somehow “progressive” to have zero responsibility when seeing a doctor.  That there are no market reforms in ObamaCare is lost on liberals who persist in believing that mandates, services, and programs are “free.”

Technocrats cannot add tens of millions of patients to a system, create incentives to abuse it, and pretend doctors won’t suffer.  A recent survey estimates that by 2020, the nation will need 91,000 new physicians, while at the same time doctors may retire en masse.  The law bans physician-owned hospitals, dictates billing, and burdens private practice.  Government-centric health care is one size fits all, my-way-or-the-highway medicine, and the road to rationed care.

Will the Court strike it down?  We’ll know soon.  Prepare to hear the hackneyed line about thirty – no, forty…  – million victims being imperiled by “robed activists,” should they rule Constitutionally.

The figure is rubbish…  Roughly 20 million of the “uninsured” are 20-35 years-old and in generally good health; 9 million have household incomes above $70,000; 30% are temporarily uninsured between jobs; and from 7 to 10 million are here illegally and, therefore, ineligible (ha!) to receive benefits.  Additionally, 12 million people eligible for Medicaid fail to enroll, and among enrollees, 17% claim to be UNINSURED.

None of this will matter.  Despite ObamaCare’s unpopularity, Democrats will howl about Republican hatred of “working families.”  Demagoguery is their ace-in-the-hole.  But social media, the 24/7 news-cycle, and the blogosphere weakens aces.  In Saul Alinksy’s Rules for Radicals, rule #5 states: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.  It is almost impossible to counterattack… It infuriates opponents, who then react to your advantage.

Democrats are being subjected to ridicule.  Radicals aren’t the only ones who can read.

Greg Halvorson is the founder of The Conservative Hammer and hosts Live with Greg Halvorson on Blog Talk Radio.  Follow him on Twitter at @GHalv.