Glenn Beck, Restoring Honor, and Leftist Delusion

Say what you want about Glenn Beck, a polarizing figure on the American landscape, but don’t argue that last weekend’s rally, his spiritual lollapalooza, lacked miracles. No, angels didn’t descend from the clouds (though, if you saw the geese fly-over….) and no, it can’t be said, because it can’t be quantified, that honor was “restored.” But it is a miracle when a paunchy Mormon activist draws several hundred-thousand to the Mall in August heat.

I didn’t attend the rally in person, but did watch, and what I saw was an outpouring of spirituality which is compelling the Left to stock-up on Pepto Bismol. The A.P. painted the crowd as “predominantly white,” of course, pointing out that among the assembled, there were Obama-Hitler tees (two), but let’s not pretend that the A.P. is credible. The media is a gasping dinosaur that won’t change its diet and, as a result, is, well, gasping. Remember, there were two rallies this day, the one by Glenn which drew 400,000 (sorry CBS, 87,000 were in line for the porta-potties) and the Sharpton rally, which drew a picnic; but the New York Times objectively informed its reader that: Two political foes are gathering hundreds of thousands of their supporters on the Mall today….

That’s right. The ratio was 100:1 – at least – but the Times didn’t care. As if Sharpton’s race-baiting circus required porta-porties, they made him relevant. Almost. Perhaps the Times should hire the former editor of Air America Radio, Beau Friedlander, who offered 25-cents per/attendee ($100,000) to anyone having a sex-tape of Glenn. Air America is dead air these days (out-of-business) for following the same business model, and Friedlander likely knows a bankruptcy attorney.

By noon – 9:00 am, my time – two things were evident: 1) that there are more generous, caring, patriotic conservatives who love the Most Exceptional Country on Earth than there are loathsome leftists; and 2) that the latter were melting down. On Facebook, as the rally commenced, those watching could comment, and among the 130,000 viewers, a throng of trolls projected bile. Beck is racist, Beck should be shot, F*ck Beck…. Sarah Palin, who spoke eloquently, was pilloried in the thread (public rape-fantasies courtesy of progressives) and Jesus, harangued by cowards, fared worse.

How did we respond? With grace, calm and prayer. Refusing to be drawn into the Left’s bailiwick (hate), Beck-ites, miraculously, adhered to his themes: honor, virtue, patriotism and God. Something about watching and participating in these acts did, indeed, Restore Honor. As the leftist media and race-hustlers unraveled (NBC’s Brian Williams, interviewing the president, framed the rally as “at times anti-government, anti-Obama,” making it clear that he reads the “Gray Lady”) patriots rose above guttersnipe barbs. This didn’t mean we were silent, that we didn’t feel anger, but it did mean that we grasp the Left’s goal – pillory and polarize – and find it ludicrous.

When I say “we,” I refer to Americans whose faith in God is indelible and who recognize corruption. Certainly, if by some untoward miracle, Al Sharpton had held an equal event and invited people on-line, we wouldn’t have seen what we did. This may point to the nature of Truth. Because the Left has nothing, because every progressive policy ever implemented has failed, and because they’re incapable of admitting this, they revert to name-calling. The difference between the Right and the Left is that the latter will never restore honor, because it’s impossible to restore what doesn’t exist.

This, of course, Alveda King knows. It’s self-evident that no racist (sorry, Howard Dean, you self-project) hate-monger (again, Howard) would feature black conservatives; but, again, the Left’s throttling of reality never ends. At one point, as Alveda addressed the audience, I spied the comment thread and wondered whether they fidget and are discomfit around mirrors. She spoke of family, of America’s Christian roots; yet in cyber-space, where the Left trolls, she was slandered. “How much is Beck paying her?” “Her uncle (Martin) is rolling over in his grave.”

Really? One wonders on this day, who was judging people, not by the color of their skin but the content of their character, the Left or the Right, the reverend or the rabble-rouser? People in the audience – white, black, red and yellow – linked arms. An amalgamation of preachers took the stage. And later, after a revival-style sing-a-long brought me to tears, after “Amazing Grace” was offered on the bag-pipes, and Beck thanked the crowd, I experienced what the Left will never experience: love of Country.

For about fifteen seconds, I felt sorry for them.

Greg Halvorson is the founder of Soldiers Without Boots, and hosts Freedom Warrior Radio on Blog Talk Radio.