Wall Street, Pandora's Box of Envy and The Unbearable Pettiness of Being Paul Krugman

With Wall Street being not exactly among America’s most trusted institutions, a measure of its public reputation would be that Michael Douglas is planning on reprising the role of arch villain “Gordon Gekko” (minus the bigger-than-a-brick cell phone).  Given that, it would seem odd that a real life money mercenary, Daniel S. Loeb, would be seeking more publicity. Unlike fellow investor (and Obama supporter) Warren Buffett, Loeb is rather famous for using his pen to launch brutally direct screeds that seem like they were written to be more invidious than effective.

Of course like any good investment guru, Loeb merely tells you what you already know, in this case that the federal  government is out of control and causing economic destruction-(of course whether he’s actually planning on withdrawing from investments or shorting them is another story).  Yes, Mr. Loeb’s most recent missive was trained on President Obama:


The only problem is that this is the same Daniel S. Loeb that is being profiled in the New York Times as having been a BIG supporter of “hope and change”.

I have a more direct explanation of why Wall Street was so willing to ante up big bucks for Obama and it had NOTHING to do with ego.  When he ran for President, the Wall Street types thought he’s be like any other big money Democrat (think Frank, Dodd, Raines). He’d run on a leftist platform, with all the redistributionist drivel, all the while cloaking plutocrat-favoring policy in populist rhetoric. Unfortunately, the Wall Street types that supported Obama, thinking he’d be a surgeon with a scalpel performing a little liposuction have found out he’s a madman with a machete.

Of course, the ONE still has a cadre of dedicated intellectual whores and mercenaries and the most reliable Phd prostitute, Paul Krugman, (so reliable in fact, one has to speculate as to whether he’s under some sort of hypnosis) has fired back:


Now say what you will about the pot calling the kettle black (Krugman certainly isn’t the patron saint of impecunity with all his various gigs), but the lesson is clear: Obamazombies know apostasy cannot be tolerated, no matter who commits it-something Obama learned in his youth, no doubt.

The captains of crony capitalism that thought they could control the weapons of mass economic destruction have found out they aren’t controllable-and will be pointed back at them as soon as they engage in blasphemy.

The only questions are, will Loeb ever have to deal with SIEU thugs on his doorstep and will he learn from this mistake?

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