The Pro-Choice Fallacy

We’ve all heard the mantra from the left: “Let a woman do with her body as she pleases”.  They say it is her body and how dare the government step in and tell her what to do.  Forget the fact that there is a living human being inside of her body because she should have the right to choose.  The Republicans just want to hold women back and are against people having the freedom to make decisions regarding their bodies.  Now all of the sudden these same people are saying that we shouldn’t have a choice on whether or not we get vaccines.  Let me be clear that I am all for vaccines and think that you are an idiot for not getting them.  However, I also believe in freedom and get a little uneasy about the government forcing us to have needles injected into our skin.  I guess you could say I am pro-choice.  But why are the ‘pro-choice’ crowd out there suddenly against choice?  Well, they are actually not suddenly against choice but have been opposed to choice all along.  Sure, they believe the woman should have the choice to have an abortion but that’s about where freedom ends for them.  After that they believe that we should do whatever is in the best interest of the state.  When conservatives are accused of being anti-science simply because we believe in having freedom, we need to turn this issue around and claim that we are merely pro-choice.  Then liberals will be confronted with their hypocrisy all along.