Something the Military can Look Forward to Under Obama – Open Enrollment

Julius Caesar proposed redistribution of land to military veterans. Barack Obama proposes squeezing every last cent out of them so he can keep the welfare state alive.


Obama invited leaders from several groups affiliated with military veterans to the White House on Monday to discuss his upcoming proposal to require that veterans pay for their own medical coverage using private insurance. The groups were outraged (of course) to hear the Commander in Chief first relate his proposal to them and secondly, to have their objections completely ignored.


When Eric Shinseki was nominated by Obama to be the Veteran Affairs Secretary we were told that he was yet another breath of fresh air. In typical Obama fashion, he first insulted the Bush administration’s handling of Vets and then assured us that with Shinseki, we would have the best man for the job (like Geithner at Treasury).


Shinseki has shown himself to be little more than a ‘yes’ man. These types of decisions are the ones that people take stands against. Shinseki should have offered his immediate resignation upon hearing of this travesty.


What this means is that those who sacrifice the most for their country will now be required to find their own insurance plan. The most vulnerable of these honorable men and women will be subjected to scams and ripoff artists. Everyone subjected to this will be forced to deal with insurance companies who could care less that their accident, injury or long term disability came as a result of their service to this country.


Leaning Left is one thing. This march to Socialism is one thing. But this slap in the face to the men and women who keep this country free borders on treason. Perhaps Obama has been spending long nights discussing ways to destroy the morale of our military with Harry “This war is lost” Reid; Al Qaeda’s Washington Spokesperson.


This is not a party line issue. This is an American issue. You support our troops or you do not. Obama, his lap dog Rahm Emanuel, Joe Biden and Eric Shinseki obviously do not support the troops.


It may be worth finding out where your representatives in Washington stand on this. Are they true Americans who support our military or are they more interested in bailing out AIG and funding ACORN?