Thank you, James Carville

Details are spilling out over the concerted effort by White House staffers and the team of James Carville, Stan Greenberg and Paul Begala to elevate Rush Limbaugh to be the visible symbol of the GOP. Their polling showed that overall, Americans do not care so much for Rush and as such, he would make an excellent symbol to replace that of George Bush and Dick Cheney.


Carville and Begala made the politics of personal destruction an art form during the Clinton years and repeatedly attempted to work that mojo during Bush’s two terms with little success. With Clinton it was easy. When anyone got in Bill Clinton’s way, his attack dogs would destroy them. Jennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky, two of predator Bill Clinton’s victims, are but two people Carville and Begala tore apart.


That approach worked in the 1990’s. Had Jennifer Flowers had a blog back in 1992, there is a good chance we would never have had a President Clinton. Web-savvy surfers know where to get truthful information these days and when someone is targeted, it is relatively easy for any of us to track down their side of the story.


Carville and Press Secretary Gibbs are doing President Obama a major disservice by attempting to portray Limbaugh as the evil face of Republicanism. This tactic demonstrates that, once again, Obama is a liar.


Is this change we can believe in? A White House that rewards reporters who do favorable pieces by allowing them to ask questions at scripted new conferences yet calls out by name to vilify those who do not parrot the President’s propaganda? This is a press office that seeks to tar and feather a radio personality for disagreeing with the President’s plan to destroy Capitalism. Obama’s White House press office is one poisoned dart short of Stalin.


More importantly is that Carville and Begala are increasing Rush’s exposure hoping that Americans will reject him. For all his achievements in radio, Limbaugh still reaches a small percentage of Americans. This free press among the moderates who don’t listen to Limbaugh helps the GOP long term.


Rush has a powerful message and it would not bode well for Obama to have that message reach more people. The same pollsters who tell us that Rush rates on par with Jeremiah Wright also tell us that they want smaller government, lower taxes and an environment that encourages entrepreneurs. Obama’s team faces an intriguing paradox. They want us to believe that Rush is some sort of anti-American villain yet embrace Limbaugh’s message by having their press minions write stories comparing Obama to Reagan.


More and more, people listen to Limbaugh and understand why he would say that he wishes Obama will fail. By the beginning of next year’s election cycle, a large percentage of the population will be in complete agreement with Limbaugh. That could be just the push the GOP needs to pick up a significant number of seats in 2010.