Ask the Romans What Happens When you Increase the Distribution of Pork, Oil and Bread

It might be a good idea for President Obama to skip over the comparisons to Lincoln and set the Wayback Machine for another time when a mighty empire stood, only to be brought down by mismanagement.


The Romans had stimulus programs too. Infrastructure projects to build and maintain temples, baths and other public venues became compulsory labor for a decimated middle class. In return for their labor and sacrifice of pay to fill the Emperor’s treasury they were put on the dole.


As more and more people were dependent on the government to survive they saw that their allotment of pork, oil and bread went from once per month to once per day. Rome had to keep their citizen-slaves fed and satisfied to get maximum effort out of them.


Untold wealth was spent on the dole as well as spectacle. Massive coliseums and arenas were constructed to maintain this façade of happiness. The happier the citizen-slaves are the better the chances of a long life for the Emperor.


OK, enough of the history lesson. We all know what happened. The Romans over-extended themselves. They simply could not afford to maintain their kingdom because they mismanaged their treasury. Abuse of power and paranoia did them in.


We see that today in the United States. A Congress drunk on power playing a dangerous game of balancing their need to hold onto power with a realization that those who they do not pacify will take power away from them. Trade unions are pacified as are the ignorant and crooked souls who are easily bought with a handout and empty words. At this point in time, that is sufficient to keep the existing Congress in power.


At the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, Caesar’s minions scurry throughout the White House, planning more consolidation of power through the abuse of tax dollars and the destruction of those who oppose Him. Useful idiots who control the mainstream media allow this to continue unchecked because of His charisma and their own lust for power.


One important distinction between the Roman Empire and the United States is that Rome gained most of her wealth and influence by crushing other nations and enslaving the people her armies conquered. The United States has simply borrowed and borrowed and borrowed from other nations.


When Rome couldn’t pay her army, the Goths sacked the place. When the United States is unable to pay off her ever-increasing debt, the Chinese will simply foreclose.