Obama's OJT Benefits a Restless Russia

On the job training work well when the task is to open the large bag of fries, pour the fries into the basket, lower the basket, press the button, wait for the loud beep, raise the basket. On the job training does not work when you assume the responsibility of leading the most powerful nation on the planet having had no prior executive experience.


Republicans did not need to remind voters of that in 2008. President Obama’s Democrat opponents draped that stone around his neck for nearly a year to no avail. The American public did not care. The media told them it was not an issue. Obama was not only a superior human, he very well may be the messiah. Unfortunately, what we got now is someone who is barely suited to be mayor of a medium sized city.


Mayor Obama’s early missteps on the stimulus package are well-known. The Left is continuing a spending spree they started when they took over all of Congress in 2006. The Right is assuming a role they seem to be most comfortable in – a whining minority who talks a good game but eventually plays along. And the media is pleased to see that the lack of any partisanship in Washington means increases in viewers, listeners and those few who still pick up a newspaper.


My number one concern with Mayor Obama is in the actions of other countries holding views not jaded by American partisan politics. They see what is happening in America not as a traditional transition of power but as an opportunity to exploit a new American leader who is unable to step away from campaigning to lead.


This past weekend, Joe Biden, the Assistant Mayor for International Affairs told the Munich security conference that we would negotiate with Iran and that we were going to shelve the missile shield program which was going to add to the defense of allies in central and eastern Europe.


And in typical Russian fashion, Russia followed up by announcing the immediate deployment of nuclear-capable weapons to the border of NATO member nations. Biden needs a visit from the ghost of Ronald Reagan in the worst way.


What happened in Georgia last year will pale in comparison compared to what is going to happen to the Ukrainians in the next couple of years when Russia realizes that both Obama and NATO do not have the stomach for thwarting Russian military aggression.


The Europeans, who are gleeful with Obama’s crusade to bring European style Socialism to America, are going to miss the “war monger” Bush; who they detested. At the end of the day Putin and Medvedev do not really care who they irritate in Europe. They only care about the American President. Fortunately for them, the American President is better suited to being the Mayor of Gary, Indiana then in being the leader of the free world.