NBC Reassigment of Olbermann Tied to Palin and Iran

NBC has decided to modify the roles both Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews play throughout the rest of the campaign. Now they are merely political analysts, offering their leftist slant on the campaign. Until now, they have been anchoring MSNBC’s coverage.

There are a number of excuses being given as to why this change was made. The dominant one that the mainstream media is running with is that Tom Brokaw and others at the mother ship have grown incredulous at MSNBC’s blatant favoritism for Barack Obama – first during the primaries against Hillary Clinton and now against McCain/Palin. As much as Brokaw and others may agree with them, they saw the entire news division of NBC being torn down by this rampant partisanship.

There are two reports out there on what led to this change. First, at the GOP convention, Sarah Palin’s comments on the media led to delegates chanting, “NBC, NBC,” when she spoke of media attacks. 40,000,000 people heard that; not good for your reputation. NBC is also helping Olbermann save face by allowing him to claim that he wanted his role at the network more clearly defined. This, obviously, is horse**.

Olbermann is a trained monkey. If Bill O’Reilly was liberal and had garnered high ratings on MSNBC, Olbermann and Sean Hannity would be best friends on Fox. He is a whore with no moral compass who will sell out to the highest bidder. NBC actually did the best thing for Olbermann’s fragile ego.

Once the dust settles on this, people may take the time to think about why, at this time, NBC decided to take this course of action. I have two theories – each of which includes part speculation and part what I believe is really what is going on. Sarah Palin and General Electric are the driving forces behind this decision.

The phenomenon that is Sarah Palin continues to tear through the country. McCain, who had been lucky to get a few hundred people at his town hall meetings, has crowds in the thousands when Sarah is also on the agenda. Every time a left wing asshole Photoshop’s her or promotes an unsubstantiated rumor about her, her numbers go up and so do donations to the McCain campaign.

NBC does not give a rat’s ass about contributions to McCain/Palin. What they do care about is being in the good graces with whoever occupies the White House for the next eight years. They see Palin going to ABC first and know there is no way she will do the Today show or Meet the Press in the current climate. They see Oprah’s minions leaving her in droves because Oprah has shown herself to be more partisan than pro-women.

For NBC it has come down to them being viewed as a fringe media outlet and their top talent being furious with two inmates being allowed to run the asylum. Tim Russert would never had allowed it to get this far.

The second driving force is the true mother ship, General Electric. CEO Jeffrey Immelt admits General Electric is doing business with Iran even after stating back in 2005 that they had stopped doing business with those terrorists. Immelt went into this election cycle understanding that an Obama win would mean, business as usual. Obama has stated that he would sit down with Iranian leaders unconditionally. Certainly if GE could continue to do business with Iran under Bush, an Obama administration would mean no problems at all.

However, a McCain/Palin administration would mean the end of this arrangement and even worse, would put all of GE’s dealings with Iran under the microscope. This would not sit well with shareholders and worse, the viewers of NBC/MSNBC who already view the network as leftist.

Immelt is smart – he can see that it is looking more and more like John McCain is going to be the next President of the United States. He can’t abandon Obama completely but yanking Olberman and Matthews makes it look as if he finally recognizes the concerns both in and out of the media and is addressing those issues.

Unfortunately for Immelt, until Olberman is gone from the network, NBC/MSNBC will be stuck with the reputation of being in the tank for Obama – a view shared by left and right alike.