The Fruits of Community Organzing

Before I was blessed to know of the existence of Barack Obama, I had an entirely different view of what community organizing is. I would think of City Year – the organization that takes mindless young people with the hope of turning them into minions for George Soros. Mostly inner-city youth at a cross-road facing two options — stop bathing and become a so-called anarchist bent on world domination (or, at least political convention protesting). Or, help clean-up city streets. The leaders of these types of groups are bottom of their class liberals who want to serve Master Soros but have no capacity to do anything but pass out garbage bags out to these hopeless kids.

I have been enlightened and thank you, Barack Obama. Your candidacy has inspired me to delve into the world of what a community organizer really is. Another shout out goes to the Daily Kos diarists who point out that Jesus was a community organizer. If Barack Obama and Jesus Christ were both community organizers it has to be an honorable profession. No longer will I have such a narrow view on how important community organizers are. Especially in a shithole like inner-city Chicago.

So what did Organizer Obama do during his time in Chicago trying to make life just a bit better for his fellow man?

REDUCED CRIME – Obama should be proud of the work he did in helping to reduce crime. Chicago has only had double the number of murders as there were American military deaths in Iraq this summer. Without Obama laying the ground work just a few years ago there could have easily been four times the homicides as there were soldiers killed in Iraq. Most of this violence was drug-related and committed by inner city men who turned to a life of drugs and crime to have some sense of escape from their community. Maybe at one time they saw Obama and thought that they too could make something of themselves if only they could have had a private education in Hawaii and Harvard.

PROMOTED RESPECT FOR WOMEN – I’m sure it is a problem with Google but I just know that part of organizing and promoting community for Obama included treating everyone with respect and in particular our mothers, sisters and daughters. I am almost certain that he stood up to those in the rap community that promote the good life as being attainable by following the music and other cultural references that promote women as objects and punching bags – a mix of criminal acts towards women and overt sexism that turns daughters and mothers into ho’s. Just ask his good friend and rap star, Ludacris. I just wish Google would return some references.

WEEDED OUT CORRUPTION – Chicago is well known for its corrupt politics. Change agent Obama came to town a wide-eyed young man bent on changing the system. Early on, his friend and bagman. Tony Rezko showed him that not all politics in Chicago are corrupt and that organizers like Obama were needed to help the city grow out of the endless cycle of poverty and violence. Rezko was so impressed with Obama’s organizing skills that he worked out a deal to buy a lot next to the house that Obama bought for $600,000 and then sold it to Obama for just over $100,000. Obama’s good fortune must have been passed on to his friend and fellow sexist, Jerimiah Wright who managed to take a meager inner city church and exploit parishioners despair into a million dollar home for himself and several thousands of dollars in donations to Obama.

I just ran that list by a friend and was told that I still don’t get it. I was told that a community organizer does things like help people in the community fight the electric company when they run up their bill and have service turned off for non-payment. Or they pay people off when it is time to releect whatever Democrat is running for office at the moment. In Chicago that meant taking orders from Boss Daley.

But surely my friend is wrong. How could someone who only did that for a couple years, run for state office and not vote yay or nay over 130 times begin a campaign for President immediately after being elected to the U.S. Senate? Surely, no one is that arrogant.

I’m just scratching the surface here but it is clear now that a community organizer, particularly one in Chicago where there seems to be plenty of money to go around to the right people, is a tough profession and one that deserves close scrutiny. If nothing else, it shows that Obama’s ability to multitask between misogyny and involving himself in sweetheart deals is pretty impressive.