One small step

I work at a place where liberals openly speak their mind without worry, put up anti-Bush cartoons & stickers in hallways & cubicals, and work political jabs into work related emails.

This job is the best job I’ve had and I don’t want to endanger it, but I’ve had enough of the BS. When I first started, I asked about the anti-republican retoric & cartoons in the hallways and asked my boss to check with HR to see if that was acceptable. He asked me if i felt threatened by that stuff. I felt ashamed for behaving like a whiney liberal. I said that I just wanted to know because if it was alright, I would be more than happy to put up my political views on the walls. HR sided with me and the stuff in the hallways disappeared.

Today someone “replied all” to a business related email with a picture of Bush standing infront of coffins saying “mission accomplished”. I completely nutted-up. After calming down, I also “replied all” asking if “this is now a forum for political op-eds?”.

The left has made the right afraid to speak openly about nearly everything and I’m sick of it. They can worry about what they say in front of me! I’ve kept silent long enough. Pride be damned, I’m the minority and they can pussyfoot around me!