Roberts Using Denver Lobbyist Connections to Buy Western Colorado Election

No offense to the Front Range (Denver and surrounding areas) intended… Really, I mean it, I went to college on the Front Range, met my husband on the Front Range, and we started our family on the Front Range… BUT CAN THE FRONT RANGE PLEASE LEAVE THE WESTERN SLOPE ALONE?!?  I have been following the CO 6th Senate primary race between Ellen Roberts and Dean Boehler.  It started with a bang when Boehler jumped into the race late and then proceeded to unseat Roberts at the District Convention from the top-line ballot placement.  The race has gotten more and more heated.  Roberts initially said that she was not concerned about Boehler’s challenge.  I am pretty sure she’s singing a different tune now.  In fact, I think some of Roberts’ buddies over on the Front Range are concerned, too.  Just two weeks ago a new group was formed in Denver that sent out ads for Roberts calling her “conservative to the core.”  Really?  In a letter to the editor of her hometown newspaper, Roberts IN HER OWN WORDS refers to herself as a moderate. 

Why not let the candidate run on her record and her own self-applied labels?  Why do lobbyists, PACs, and new “mystery” groups ***all from the Front Range, mind you*** feel the need give her money and buy advertising to brand her as a conservative now?  I don’t know, but I surely have my guesses… I think that they are desperately trying to buy this election for Roberts because they know that she is a much better fit for Denver politics.  She wants lots of government involvement.  She likes big government budgets.  She is happy to favor one industry over another by passing legislation to that end.  She is pro-abortion.  She votes for legislation that gay-rights advocacy groups promote.

Roberts record is incredibly democrat-like… don’t take my word for it,  go check it out… she was one of TWO Rebuplicans in the House to vote for Ritter’s (D) 2010 Budget.  Go to Project Vote Smart and see how well she is scored by NARAL (Pro-Abortion advocacy) and Equal Rights Colorado (Pro-GLBT advocacy).  While you are there, check out her DISMAL scores by the Colorado Union of Taxpayers.

So, while you may have thought that I hold a grudge against the entire Front Range of Colorado, now you may see why I have an intense dislike of some meddling groups that are trying to return to the Capitol in Denver the Politician that they have bought and paid for – by propagandizing the 6th District with false claims of Ellen Roberts’ conservatism.