Kudos to the Overpopulators of the Earth

We all know the old adage “The tyranny of the urgent…”  I submit to you that in this day and this culture, we are not so much encountering urgency’s tyrant as entertainment’s tyrant.   This musing follows on the heels of a recent round-up of volunteers.  I was asking these folks to make call for a candidate.  Now don’t misunderstand me, I was not calling through a list of random names.  I was recruiting volunteers from my own personal aquaintance.   This is not a scientific poll.  This is anecdotal evidence that I found jarringly consistent. 

Of the folks that I put calls out to- a call to arms if you will, a call to pick up the standard and proudly bear the message of conservatism- I found that of the people who had 4, 5 or 6 children, 80% were willing to find times in their schedules to make calls.  And of the families that had one child or none (and the single adults) about 80% told me they were too busy. 

Do the mental math with me… and none of the fancy math and “there are no absolute truths” type of math.  How is it that people who are caring for large families are finding time for this and singles and small families aren’t?  How can they be too busy?  Don’t overreach here.  This is a stereotype… a generalization, but in my expereince it is the tyranny, not even of the urgent, but of entertainment.  Little Johnny and Susie need to be entertained with playdates and swim lessons and mall trips.  Singles need to meet their friends for drinks and movies. 

Karl Marx said religion was the opiate of the masses.  In Russia vodka did the trick.  In America: entertainment.

But this is was not meant to be a gripe session about those not doing enough because is always more that can be done.  Rather I want to exalt and lift up those who maybe because of their large family size, maybe for other reasons, seem to have learned to distinguish what is actually neccesary and vital and what it not.  It seems to me that having a large family and caring for them, if nothing else, will certainly teach a body to do with less.  Less sleep, less space, less money, less convenience.  And that translates in the political arena to a willingness to make more sacrifice.  So although I do not buy into the idea that the world is being overpopulated, if it is, all I can say to those overpopulators is “BRAVO!”  If there are more like you who are willing to make the hard choices to accomplish and affect change, maybe this blessed county still has a hope of freedom.