Penry becoming Synonymous with Dirty Politics

Josh Penry, former State Senate Minority Leader for Colorado, is disappointing a lot of his long-time supporters in the Rebuplican party and his District.  Once considered a champion of conservative principles and a model of what a Rebuplican should be, Penry now seems to be doing everything in his power to sully and change that reputation.  Since taking over as campaign manager for Jane Norton, Norton’s campaign seems to be more and more a “shrill chorus of over-the-top negativity,” which according to Coloradopols.com has largely accelerated due to Penry’s direction. 

Norton isn’t the only candidate to whom Penry is lending his talents.  He also supports and advises Ellen Roberts in her bid to become the Colorado 6th District’s Senator.  Roberts had a clear path to the Rebuplican nomination for the race until late-comer Dean Boehler surprised, well pretty much everyone, with a remarkable showing of support at the District assembly, taking 67% of the delegate vote and nearly causing Roberts to have to petition her way onto the ballot.  Even before the District Assembly, Penry put his oar in, as a previous RedState article stated, when “Penry went so far as to call Boehler and suggest that he shouldn’t run against Roberts.”   When did Josh Penry start knowing more about what was good for the 6th District than the District’s own delegates?  Since when has it become a distictive of conservatives to only give the People choices that the Politicians think are good for them? 

Well, the latest showing of the “New Penry” has come to light involving campaign financing.  While in the Colorado Senate, Josh headed the Senate Majority Committee, a Republican PAC the purpose of which, I understand, is to gain a majority back in the Colorado Senate.  Just before he resigned to become Jane Norton’s campaign manager, on May 25, 2010, the PAC donated $2500 to Ellen Roberts.  Wait, tell me again, what is the purpose of the PAC?  That’s right, to get a Republican instead of a Democrat elected into the Colorado State Senate.  So why would the PAC be backing a Republican against another Republican in the primary election? 

One word: Penry.